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Ego Tripping


Thru the Fire ~CordieB.

Thru the Fire ~CordieB.

Misaligned with my spirit

Disconnected from my core

And my ego was screaming. . .

Give me, More, More, More!!!

Empty feelings of needing

Disenchanted with my life

Whilst my Ego continued…

causing Strife, Strife, Strife!!!

Persevering the battle

Looking inward for relief

Yet my Ego remained…

causing Grief, Grief, Grief!!!

Tried to detach from all

Tried to let it all go

Still my ego was strong

She refused to let go!!!

Then along came compassion…

to my rescue she came…

with humility’s lesson

she revealed my true name

Thru the Fire, I emerged…

Free of  judgement or blame…

Realigned with my spirit!

Reconnected with my core!

Love’s unveiling my true identity

As I explore; as I implore…

Love, she sustains… "Overjoy, Overjoy…"

 ~Written by CordieB

Earth Hour 2009…What Will You Be Doing???


I Provide the Land, the Water the Air;
Yet my survival might be hanging on the wings of a hope and a prayer;
I do hope you humans will become aware
of my vital importance and begin to care.
I do pray that my inhabitants will learn to share,
My limited resources before I’m left bare.

My purpose is to provide a habitat– a home for life;
Like the husband feels a need to provide for the wife,
I too feel so purposeless when I can no longer provide,
The trees, the fields, the air, the rain, the incoming tide.
The flowers, the soil, the coal, the oil, the oceans so wide.

My gifts that were once so rich and abundant
Are dwindling down due to greed, sloth and redundance.
The atmosphere that once kept me at balance for you,
Is diminishing so quickly–no chance to renew.
I’m saddened my inhabitants may no longer see blue,
When they look to the skies . . .
for the answer that lies. . .
Beyond the horizon, yet right in their eyes.

So share with your brethren whenever you can;
Have love for your neighbors, the animals, the land.
Those God given gifts are all yours to use,
For whatever you want and whatever you choose.

But if you desire for your children’s children to feel the warmth of the sun,
Roll in the green grass . . . Laugh, skip and run;
Hear the woodpecker peck. . .Feel the first morning dew;
The choice is all yours, it’s all up to you.
If you want the next generation to swim with the fish . . .
See the beauty of nature.
On a star make a wish . . .
See the birds, and the bumblebees, and the butterflies fly . . .
Touch the cold winter snow; Feel the heat of July
Take care of my bounty, or else I might die.

~By CordieB

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I am the sum of your thoughts – Another Spiritual Riddle. . . By CordieB

Photo courtesy of  Photoƒreaks, click on Photo to Play a Fun Game!!!
Photo courtesy of Photoƒreaks, click on Photo to Play a Fun Game!!!
I sometimes swing like a pendulum…

At times, ecstatic; other times…humdrum

My host feels best when I’m somewhat stable

As, I’m a strong factor on whether she’s able …

to motion herself to move from her current state

of life… which shall determine her fate…

or whether he’s able to spawn the passion

to inseminate life; but more importantly, compassion,

by nurturing with love to aide life’s blossom…

Sometimes I’m tempered like a gentle lake

who in her bounty, life partakes…

yet at times, I’m akin to the roughest sea

whom without his majesty, life would cease to be…

I’m a scale of what many gauge from bad to good

I am the sum of your thoughts; I am …

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Seems now you don’t find me as delightful as your mind imagined – A Spiritual Riddle

Photo Courtesy of Dario*s and is shared under a Creative Commons License
Photo Courtesy of Dario*’s and is shared under a Creative Commons License


The following riddle was inspired by a dear friend and fellow blogger, Jodie who pens as Paisley , in her recent writing, entitled Life Shrinks and by fellow blogger and a man with much wisom, Mark (To Be Me), over at The Naked Soul  in his recent article entitled, Take a Look at the Means to the End .  Thanks for the inspiration friends!!!!

Come in, my love! Step into my parlor…

 Allow me to paint you in technicolor…

My parlor is elegantly furnished in splendor fashion;

Whereas, I can transcend your deepest, passionate, passion

I will tantalize and dance with you throughout the night

All else will be placed on the back burner in my light

All goals will be reorganized for my sake

I may cause, love, happiness, jealousy, frustration, even heartbreak!

Most times until you capture me; or I you….

I will grow, I will infuse, I will magnify and brew

Yet sometimes as much as you crave my hot embrace

I simply dissipate from your thoughts–leave abruptly without a trace

And you shant even miss my crimson face…

It’s a funny thing that once I’m captured–once we converge

I’m reincarnated into another whimsical, soul stirring urge

Seems now you don’t find me as delightful as your mind imagined

Yet I’m still the same, wanting spirit that once pumped your adrenaline

As cold as Ice, as Hot as Fire……

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