Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

I’m the most disillusioned of all fear based spirits – A Spiritual Riddle

Rick Mobs at Mine Enemy Grows Older , who I discovered through Paisley (thanks Jodie), has invited his readers/viewers to give words to his beautiful art. The above titled art needs no words; as it is a supernatural story in and of itself; but, since Rick has so graciously allowed us to put words to his stunning creation – here is my rendition. . . in another spiritual riddle . . .

I’ve tricked you since the days of old

Enticed by me, you’d lease your soul

If I could trade eternity . . .

You’d sell, not rent that soul to me.

I’m the most disillusioned of all fear based spirits

My existence holds but one egotistical merit

I bring forth false vision to the being

who can not bring himself to seeing

the wondrous beauty of the soul within

that shines like gold when love seeps in

that lasts through style and passing trends . . .

I’m the most deathly of all deadly sins!

If I could erase your lines of wear and tear

you’d trade your soul without a care

If I could make all bow to you

there’d be no limits to what you’d do

because you don’t see the beauty in creation

of what God blessed you with in relation

to all God’s creation, magenta, black, or white

I’ve tricked your vision; jaded your sight

by grace but for only a twinkle in time on earth

for God forbids his art to loose full worth . . .

in the vastness of creation’s grand eternity

Who am I?

I am the deadly spirit of Vanity

~By CordieB



  paisley wrote @

that has to be perfection!!! i haven’t been by ricks in so long,, and this really whetted my appetite to go there again for another dose of his lovely art work… i doubt i can surpass the thoughtfulness of this piece tho…. wow!!

  brightlightwarriornika wrote @

WOW! one day i will guess correct 😉

  Dan wrote @

I was thinking of pride. Cordie, you fool me every time!

  tobeme wrote @

Ah vanity, it is the illusion that we are disconnected from source, that we not one with all, that we are somehow better than another.
Very good riddle!

  fibi wrote @

You are amazing!

  rawdawgbuffalo wrote @

vainity is the look of self mutiliation

  rick mobbs wrote @

this bears more than one or two readings. thanks for the intriguing work you have done with the image. when i get off this crazy movie I’ll be back.

  San wrote @

I second Fibi, you are indeed amazing huns and you make me smile inside with your wisdom *hugs*

  I Lost T h i r t y P o u n d s in Thirty Days wrote @

Hi, nice post. I have been pondering this topic,so thanks for posting. I will definitely be subscribing to your posts. Keep up great writing

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