Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

Love, Hope, Encouragement, and Fascination…another spiritual riddle ~By CordieB


I’m your dynamical, magical inspiration

I provide interest, support and dedication…

I spark creativity; enlighten your imagination!

I bestow drive, motion, and active action!

With me, you reach your goals…even beyond distraction…

Oftentimes I come from other beings…

I terrify the persistent sloth and pessimist– have them running,  hiding, fleeing!

Other times I’m found within your very own soul!!!

I’m what separates the insipid from the phenomenal, the exceptional and the bold!

All that’s required is bit of desire and a drop of care…

And I’ll change the ordinary into Extraordinair!

I’ve been a major accomplice in the success

of significant strides in humanity’s acquiesce…

I provide love, hope, encouragement, and fascination!

I’m the inciting, exciting, inviting spirit of… (Click below for riddle answer)


This riddle was written especially for all of you motivators out there!  You are what keep people moving, doing, rocking and shaking.  You awaken ideas, reinvent the wheel, and keep yourself and others thinking positive and out side the box.  I’m surrounded by  many nay sayers and pessimists in my personal circle, so  I must thank all of you motivators who have touched my life with your positive words, comments, ideas, encouragement, wise writings and inspirational poems and articles!

I was most  fortunate to meet such a motivator recently, Retired Colonel William R. Saunders.  Colonel Saunders visited our job as a speaker for our African American Month Celebration.  He’s a super motivator!  I call him the motivator, extraordinair!  And, he really cares about the progress of those he motivate!   He has inspired me to follow a dream which I had placed under the rug for some time.  I feel rejuvinated and ready!!!  I’ll be discussing this more and keeping you all updated on my progress soon!  Anyway, you’ve got to check out Colonel Saunder’s  latest book, “Are you Stuck in Traffic?” —  It’s guaranteed to jump start you and get you out of that traffic jam!

Thought for Today. Remember, never diminish a child’s dream  (or an adult’s for that matter).   We are all connected.   Everyone’s success is yours!!!  Motivate those you encounter and encourage them to believe and follow their dreams to the fullest!!!

Don’t Hate; Motivate!!!

Motivate someone today!  I dare you!!!

Have a super weekend!   Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.


  Bill Saunders wrote @

Ms CordieB: There is an absolute reason for our meeting, our connection–I strongly believe that we both know it’s about making your dream a reality–the spoken and written word is so powerful when used correctly–you have this power AND from the point of our meeting, our connection, I will not let you forget it. I truly understand my purpose!!

Dreaming is Free! Believing is Free! Thinking is Free! Having Faith in God is Free! But ACTION will cost You! by Colonel Bill Saunders, USAF Retired

Thank you and My pleasure

  cordieb wrote @

@Col Bil Saunders. Good afternoon. . . Actually, I’ve found in my travels that many things cost, all actions have a price; yet inaction usually results in a very hefty price. However, dreaming, believing, thinking, and having faith in God…are all simply priceless! Blessings. . .

  Bill Saunders wrote @

The essence of my words is that you have to work (the cost is the work) to make something happen–Faith without works is Dead! I am so in love with the power & magic of the spoken and unspoken word–our dialoque has begun–enjoy your evening/night!

  brightlightwarriornika wrote @

i’m printing this one out to put on my desk 😀

  Pages tagged “sloth” wrote @

[…] bookmarks tagged sloth Love, Hope, Encouragement, and Fascination…anoth… saved by 6 others     Ottsell bookmarked on 02/22/09 | […]

  tobeme wrote @

Great riddle and wonderful subject. We all have the ability to motivate! May we always use our ability to motivate for the good of all.

BTW – you motivate me!

  cordieb wrote @

@Marie. Thanks Marie, I’m honored you’re taking me with you to work! lol!

@Tobeme. I’m delighted you feel I motivate you! Back at cha my kindred spiritual brother!

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