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Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

Archive for February 20, 2009

Love, Hope, Encouragement, and Fascination…another spiritual riddle ~By CordieB


I’m your dynamical, magical inspiration

I provide interest, support and dedication…

I spark creativity; enlighten your imagination!

I bestow drive, motion, and active action!

With me, you reach your goals…even beyond distraction…

Oftentimes I come from other beings…

I terrify the persistent sloth and pessimist– have them running,  hiding, fleeing!

Other times I’m found within your very own soul!!!

I’m what separates the insipid from the phenomenal, the exceptional and the bold!

All that’s required is bit of desire and a drop of care…

And I’ll change the ordinary into Extraordinair!

I’ve been a major accomplice in the success

of significant strides in humanity’s acquiesce…

I provide love, hope, encouragement, and fascination!

I’m the inciting, exciting, inviting spirit of… (Click below for riddle answer)

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