Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

Unfulfilled…Unsatisfied? (A Spiritual Riddle)

If I be wicked, why then labour I in vain? Job 9. 29 Courtesy of X-The-Cry-of-Frustration-X


nothing seems…just right?

nerves unraveled

in a frizzle…


I can make your mind dance…

play tricks, causing twirling

havoc with all happenstance


nothing seems to fill the hole

of wants denied…

Cant’ figure out just how

to solve the puzzle?   Brain’s fried!

thus your thoughts won’t allow

you to disavow…

although this deliema only occurred

in recent history, perhaps…

as soon as…just now!

can’t figure out…just how to…

do the thing you feel you

must do. . .?

take your time…relax…sit still…

breath in, take a…deep breath…

exhale, pop an illusionary…

chill pill.

perchance, that way, I might

go away or even disappear!!!

allowing your mind to again become

possibly, one-fifth…crystal clear. . .

making room for a breakthrough revelation!

I am the daunting, haunting spirit of . . .(Click below for answer)


Written By CordieB


  fibi wrote @

I love your insights – and ability to describe very difficult things..

  nikamarie wrote @

Very Clever. 😀

  Dan wrote @

Cordie, you should fill a book with these some day! The picture is a great complement.

  rawdawgbuffalo wrote @

sounds like how i am with understanding this economy

  tobeme wrote @

You are very clever and talented! Love this.

  Grace wrote @


What a word! Cordie, you perfectly described the feeling.

When I feel frustrated, what I’m ‘really’ feeling is powerless.

Thank God for surrender! LOL

  paisley wrote @

clever… you know where my mind went don’t you??? you are so good at that!!!!!!

  Vivian Deborah Stephens wrote @

Only recently discovered your site…but I am definitely lovin’ it!!

  cordieb wrote @

Hello Deborah! So nice to hear from you. I’m delighted you found me. You may not remember me, but I most definitely remember you. So much wisdom you have and share! I emailed you a while back to obtain permission for posting one of your beautiful poems. . . but I never received a reply. Hope you didn’t mind. . . all credits came back to your book site. You were definitely an inspiration to me and role model when I attended MAABC. Are you still there? It’s a great church, I’ve got to get back in there. Continued blessings to you. Do visit again! Love, Cordie

  Vivian Deborah Stephens wrote @

Greetings, CordieB.;
I am currently in South Carolina, providing care for my 98 year old mother. Have been here for about a year, now. I dearly miss my MAABC family, but have maintained contact via e-mails.
I was delighted to see my work featured on your site. Thanks!

  enreal wrote @

My dear Cordie… yet another brilliant work… you weave a tapestry of light and amazement with your words

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