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Archive for February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day to My Man


Lovers Fantasy Island. . .CordieB

Lover's Fantasy Island. . .CordieB

I love red roses

…and blue violets too

but, the best valentines

is time shared with you!

A walk in the park

A kiss in the dark

A cuddle by the fire

will always cause spark

a warm tub with petals

with wine on the side

a few candles lit

and you by my side . . .

no matter what day,

or what time of year

our genuine passion

remains crystal clear

So, no need to go out of your way

or find a card that can’t quite say

your true heartfelt sentiment

for your love is always evident

on Valentines Day, and Every Day!

P.S.  Even when we’re mad, our love is evident! 

Happy Valentines Day, G.   Love Ya with all my heart, CordieB.