Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

The Darkest Shadow ~Written by CordieB.

Photo courtesy of Jill Greeseth , and is licenced under the Creative Commons

I am the tallest, darkest shadow to fall upon the hearts of men;
I have caused enormous calamity, failure and sin;
With me in a heart, humans seldom ever win.

Such a cold, dark, shallow shadow am I;
I bring on fears and tears, causing humans to sigh, asking why?

I’ve destroyed countless relationships, successes and faith;
I’m quite subtle, yet very strong is my wrath;
All minds and hearts will inevitably at times see me in their path.

All humans encounter me, some more than another;
You see, insecurity is my sister and worry is my brother;
My father is fear; suspicion, my mother.
I embrace souls at night like a new found lover.
If you are not carefull, I will suffocate you under my dark, thick cover.

Like a blanket of dread, I cover my prey;
To release yourself of my wrath, you must kneel down and pray;
Stay thankful and hopeful, live day by day.

I’ve had many second-guessing what’s wrong from right.
I cause anxiousness, apprehensiveness,
and can make hearts uptight;
But my shadow is very easily overcome by the family of light . . .

For the bright light of hope, faith, and love shine so bright
And they bring courage, security and trust to join in the fight;
Such illuminosity, clarity, and brilliance is their light,
It will cause my dark, deep shadow to fade and disappear straight into the night!

Who am I? (click below for answer)

I am the Shadow of Doubt

Written by: CordieB.


  fibi wrote @

This is so uplifting.. Wonderful..

  fibi wrote @

This is so uplifting.. Wonderful..

  драйвера wrote @

Nice…very nice!

  paisley wrote @

you always have me guessing when you do this.. i have never even attempted to write a riddle,, but you do it like a pro!!!

doubt is a terrible shadow to be caught up in… i know cuz i have been there,, that’s for sure!!

  Sherita Searcy wrote @

This is beautiful and very inspiring. Thanks for visiting my page and commenting. You are very artisitic and motivational. Never stop being you. Sherita Searcy http://www.sheritasearcy.com

  psychscribe wrote @

I guessed Evil…the opposite of God,the opposite of hope…anyway, I needed this today, thank you CordieB.

  tobeme wrote @

You have an outstanding talent! I love this, thanks for sharing your gifts.

  brightlightwarriornika wrote @

i loved this one 🙂 thanks 😀

  cordieb wrote @

@Fibi. Thank you, your words truely inspire me! PLL, C.

@драйвера…Thanks! I thought you were a spam! PLL, C.

@Paisley. . . I’d love to read a riddle of yours. . .your writing is so provocative and raw… give it a try! PLL, Sis! How have you been?

@Sherita. Thank you wise one! Please visit again! PLL, C

@Psychoscribe. . . I believe all fears are an essence of evil so to speak; if one believes evil exists. . . Do you believe evil exist??? PLL, C.

@Tobeme. . . Thanks for the inspiration. It motivates! PLL, C.

@Brightlightwarriornika. . . Thanks for the inspiration, as always! PLL, C

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