Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

My Phantom, Shadowed, Obsessor

shadow1 Photo Courtesy  of  Penny LamKK’s under a Creative Commons Licence

The following riddle was written in response to Sunday Scribblings poetry prompt #147, "Phantoms and Shadows "

Obsessed, like a willowed Shadow . . .
Transparent, dark… illusive
Hovering over me throughout life
In the background, non obtrusive

Though I may try to escape beloved Shadow
He’s forever in my presence
Lucid, mirrored images of my being
Escape him. Never! He’s embedded in my essence

Phantom admirer, he is; cleverly turning every corner
As I hurriedly pace the streets of life,
In a vain attempt to evade his woe
Shadow follows with relentless, determined rife

Shadow remains dimmed in my mist…always at my heels
I make an abrupt turn onto a sunny, well lit block
He continues his quest; forever to my avail
As I glance back . . . our eyes meet in a passionate lock…

Darkness falls upon the horizon.  Alas, I  lay to rest. . .
Shadow dissipates, in an attempt to not be seen
But in the obsessive nature of his love
Shadow follows me into my dreams…..

Who is Shadow?  (click below for riddle answer)


My Memory……

~Written by CordieB


  whypaisley wrote @

oh you definitely had me on that one.. i was way to literal in my translation…. excellent riddle.. you are so good at those…..

  Dan wrote @

Like paisley said riddles are your thang! Fooled me 100%. I knew something was stalking you but was thinking along the lines of regret.

  SanityFound wrote @

Incredible as always, the shadow of our minds always ready to, always with us, always following, what monster it creates is our choosing or perhaps it is not ours but theirs.

Beautifully written as always dear sister, sending you huge hugs – miss you lots!

  tobeme wrote @

Very well done! Thanks for sharing this beautiful writing.

  cordieb wrote @

Thanks everyone. . . glad you enjoyed this riddle. Blessings!

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