Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

The Lesson of Love

Cirdle of Love ~CordieB

Circle of Love ~CordieB

I lived for years in chronic, suptle fear…

of what you thought…of how you might react

when with your plans…ideas.. I didn’t adhear

then. . . one day I took a brave step back . . .

I gained a miraculous sense of self

I acted in alignment of  inner spirit’s desire

I began to sing a beautiful solo for myself

Not feel compelled to blend in with the choir

And to my astonishment I found…

That my song was filled with such inner harmony

For which you accepted with love unfound

And you actually loved the realness of me

And with that love I clearly saw you blossom

Into the realness of your inner true being

Without the fears of what I might not understand…

And love endured. . though not always agreeing

And so it is with love on every given turn…

As love survives differences of even dualing brothers

Tis a hard, yet invaluable lesson of which to learn

To embrace the spirit of uniqueness within ourselves and others

~Written by CordieB


  Dan wrote @

And if we listen closely, those unique voices blend together in a harmonious symphony

  John Spencer Ellis wrote @

Thank you so much for this informative blog. I love it!
I think you would get a lot from my new film “The Compass”. It’s full of the same type of information you write about here. Thanks


  Peggi Habets wrote @

Beautiful writing, and so true.

  art-shkola wrote @

Thank you for your blog! It is pleasant to read it.

  cordieb wrote @

@Dan. . . .Wow!. . . I should incorporate your beautiful words into the poem itself. So true! Thank You! Blessings to you and yours. . .

@John Spensor Ellis. . . I checked it out. Sounds like the video is good spiritual feeding. . . I’ll have to get buy a copy soon! Thanks for visiting. . . Do visit again! Blessings to you and yours. . .

@Peggi. . . Thank You. . .Do visit again soon! Blessings to you and yours.

@art-shkola…Thank You. . . It’s my pleasure! Please do visit again. Blessings to you and yours. . .

  SanityFound wrote @

In order to love others fully we all have to love ourselves first, put our needs first and be all that we can be – without that love for ourselve we seek to fulfill that need from others and by doing so fail… the eternal trap – is it just me or is it true that kids are not taught this from young?

  SanityFound wrote @

Soz am running around what I meant was – kids should be taught this lesson from the start instead of Cinderella

  Amber wrote @

I would like to think that this is a true story… and suddenly eyes have become awakened. Because true beauty lies in the soul of the writer… which glows with passion, courage, and spiritual depth rarely seen. It shouldn’t be wasted on someone ordinary………..

  enreal wrote @

You always capture the spirit of your subject… how you manage to capture the spirit of love… it can be so elusive to most, yet, as always, you captured it in pure form… the essence…

You blow me away…

  Grace wrote @

Oh, Cordie…this is so very beautiful. It reminds me of a piece of writing that I collected 30 years ago, and put in a special journal of inspiration. It was said by Sabrina Ward Harrison – and it propelled me on a journey of self discovery and healing. Healing myself of Fear. Here it is:

““I am afraid to show you who I really am, because if I show you who I really am, you might not like it–and that’s all I got.”

  whypaisley wrote @

having been the kind of woman that has been in many male orchestrated relationships,, i wonder,, now as a solo voice,, why it is i seek that out??

stranger still is how “tough” i can be at times,, not the kind of girl you would think would let a man dominate the relationship… this made me glad that i am strong enough to live on my own and not need to be in a relationship,, as nine out of ten times for me it will be with a domineering male…

  tobeme wrote @

Beautiful! To live by spirit is to be true to thy self and that is the ultimate freedom!

  venus00 wrote @

Beautiful site, beautiful words from an obviously beautiful person.
Thank you for the encouraging comments you left on my site.

  cordieb wrote @

@SanityFound. We can only give of ourselves that which we have. If we have no sense of self love. . . we will have nothing of substance to give. The world has become so me…me… that I’m not sure that teaching children to love themselves first is a good idea. By nature, I think most children do love themselves; and we should never damage there spirit. We should encouragement development of the spirit of love for all beings, inclusive of the self. Blessings my African Princess!

@Ambermoon…Could be a true story indeed. . . . thank you for your kind and complimentary words. I believe we all are special in our own way. . . we just need to find and develop the specialness within ourselves. It helps when there is someone is there to walk the path with us and help us in our development; but it isn’t always possible. In those times, we must remain true to self. Blessings sister!

@Enreal. . . Thanks Angel Enreal! I get a lot of energy from reading your beautiful and deep words each day. They help me to express myself so often. Blessings Angel Enreal!

@Grace. . . so often we worry so much of what others will think of us that we fail to be our true selves. It never feels good when we are in this predictament. . . but as we grow. . . we learn to be ourselves come what may. I love the verse you shared. . . I must cut, paste, and display on the frig and on my desk as a gentle reminder. Thanks Sister Grace for sharing!

@Paisley. . . I know exactly what you mean. At one time I was quite passive; then I regained a sense of self that was borderline arrogant. . . now I try to stay in the middle…staying true to self yet respecting the individuality of others too. Love Ya sis!

@Tobeme. . . Freedom feels soooooo good. It evokes good energies to feed the body and mind. There was a time when I felt as if my mind was in bondage. . . now I just feel like myself. Thanks Mark for you kind words. . . Blessings. . .

@Venus. . . Thanks Venus. . . it takes one to know one girlfriend! Blessings Venus. . . please visit again!

  rawdawgbuffalo wrote @

love is truly harmonic – well written as usual folk

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