Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

I am Who I Am…

Me, courtesy of CordieB

Me, courtesy of CordieB

I am who I am. . .

Am I who I am or. . .

Am I who I think I am. . .


Am I who others think I am


Am I a collective version of both?

Am I the same as I was yesterday

last year,

5 years ago?

Has there been regression


Has there been growth?

Have I learned from my experiences

or do I still do

the same things …

the same way

and receive

the same results

which I know are not

the results I really want. . .


Am I beginning to try different things

or do things in different ways

which bring forth new experiences

new lessons . . . 

new blessings

But all in all. . .

I am who I am . . .

and I am exactly as my Creator

would have me to be at this very moment! 

ok. . . it’s another moment. . .

and another. . .

I wonder how much I’ve changed……. since two lines ago?

That I’ve changed is a wonderful thing to know. . .

for…anything that is not changing…

can not in fact be living…

So, I am…a changing being…

~~Written by CordieB.



  tobeme wrote @

You are who you are and that is a living and therefore ever changing being! Love who you are!

  whypaisley wrote @

many moons ago my gramma told me “f*ck what other people think.. i was born a bitch and i’ll die a bitch…”. i loved her so intensely i believed her… i am 47 and have finally come to the conclusion that just because that was her own self fulfilling prophesy it doesn’t have to be mine… if i cant change,, i can stop doing,, as i know am no longer desirous of the same results…

with me it isn’t drugs or drink or men or money,,, its me… and it is,, at last,, my turn….

  Nika Marie wrote @

Last night I layed in my bed not able to sleep thinking about what is it that I am doing; am I growing, learning, improving in this journey? I even found myself crying, and I prayed and cried somemore, and I talked and even tried to compromise with God 😀 I woke up this morning with only 2hrs of sleep, and I just finish reading your post.

Thank you
lots of love

  cordieb wrote @

@tobeme. . . I will. . . thanks for the gentle boost! Peace, Light and Love to you for being. . .

@Paisley…I see you transforming with each passing day. . . I think it’s wonderful! As tobeme said above, “You are who you are and that is a living and therefore ever changing being! Love who you are!” Love ya sis

@Brightnightwarriornika…you are on a spiritual path. . . a path of awakening…and you will have good days and bad days…for there is often a battle between ego and spirit once we begin to awaken. But it’s all good is it not? You realize that all things pass…all things change. Listen to “Put your records on”…it’s on this blog somewhere! I think it will do you good today! Stay a warrior! Love who you are! Love ya sis!

  enreal wrote @

I LOVE IT!!!! I am who I am too… there is nothing anyone can do… embrace it… as you have… live it, as you do…

You rock!

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