Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

Spiritual Riddle –

©2008-2009 =danji-isthmus
Drowning Revised by danji-isthmus on Deviant Art

I stepped passionately into the river

one uneventful night

the water was ice cold

it froze my very soul

the sky so dark and black

I could not see the light

I stepped further in that river

one bitter, cold night long ago

the chill broke my spirit

yet I waddled further in it

What drew me to that river

I may never, ever know

My  hot heart pumped so fiercely

as to keep my blood a flow

my heart warmed my soul

as I regained self control

Yet, I stood frozen in the river

in endeavors to resist the river’s tow

Then I heard a wise voice calling

from a far distance on the shore

I took a step towards it

as it gently stroked my spirit

I quickly waded from that river

vowing, never, never more…

I have existed since creation

Will exist through revelation

a weakened spirit many say

Yet my strength is overpowering

Leaving all men often cowering

Searching for a rock in the middle of the river

Whilst I maneuver one to pray . . . .

Who Am I. . . . (Click below for riddle answer)

I am the Spirit of Temptation

~By CordieB.



  Dan wrote @

I love the riddles Cordie. Even though we make it out….something always calls us back.

  Grace wrote @

ah, this was so right on! The Spirit of Temptation is a hard taskmaster (or taskmistress…as the case may be).

Personally, I think it takes a Holy Spirit to overcome it 🙂 Ours combined with Gods….

  paisley wrote @

ah ha… you definitely got me on that one… i was thinking the never ending river of bad relationships…. but then in a way they seem to be result of following that temptation you are talking about huh??

  tobeme wrote @

Great riddle! Thanks for sharing. Interesting how powerful or weak temptation is depending on where you are at on your journey.

  cordieb wrote @

@Dan. . . .well not ALWAYS. . . thank God! (At least I hope not. . . lol)

@Grace. . . . perhaps??? What is your definition of the Holy Spirit dear Grace? I’m really curious.

@Paisley…Temptation comes in many forms. . . . I feel temptation is anything we do that we know is not done in the spirit of love.

@Tobeme. . . very interesting indeed. . . and the journey continues…

Blessings as always to all!

  SanityFound wrote @

Always beautiful!

  Galvin wrote @

good poem… But why did you give no credit to the one who made the picture? I think atleast u could give her a bit credit for using her picture…!

  cordieb wrote @

@Galvin. . . so right you are. I normally do. I’ll do that now! Thanks for noticing that and thanks for visiting!

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