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By and By

By and By - by CordieB.

By and By - by CordieB.

right is another man’s wrong;

wrong is another man’s right;

peace is another man’s havoc;

 darkness is another man’s light;

heaven is another man’s hell

darkness is another man’s bright

ill is another man’s well

silence is another’s sound

poor is another man’s weath

All that is loss shall be found

Birth is another man’s death

will the circle  ever break…

by and by…Lord…by and by…

perhaps foreverness lies in the the infinate circle; never breaking

forever going around…around…

all that’s given will be taken

all that’s taken must  have been given

all that’s dying is surely living

all who laugh have been crying

all who live are surely  dying

will the circle be unbroken???

by and by Lord…by and by…

–Written By CordieB.