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Northeastern Report Shows Surge (40%) in Homicides Involving Young Black Males and Guns

Rest In Peace David E. Boyd Jr. David E. Boyd was a quiet man who worked hard at his job and enjoyed sketching portaits and writing rap lyrics. David was shot and killed while walking home on Sunday in the Church Hill area of Richmond, Virginia. David was on the cell phone with his girlfriend, as he was killed. Police suspect robbery as the motive for this sensless murder.

A new report issued by experts at Northeastern University on patterns and trends in homicide since 2000 shows that, despite the small fluctuations in overall homicide rates, there has been a dramatic surge (40%) in homicides involving young black males with guns. The findings paint a very different picture concerning recent trends in murder from the apparent tranquility suggested by overall statistics released by the FBI.  More…

Duh…  Everyone is in shock of this new study!  I for one am not in shock.   I see and live with it every day.  I write about it all the time.  If we don’t start investing in our youth, we are headed for self genicide…at an alarming rate.  In recent months, I’ve written about the crack epidemic of the 80’s  which damn near destroyed a whole generation; the deaths of Jamal, Erika and 14 year old, Deshaun.    There are countless others whom I have not written about. . . yet my thoughts of the senseless violence remain heavy on my heart. 

This study reflects what many inner city residents have been crying about for the past 10 years.   It’s ok to cry, it’s alright to complain. .. but all the crying and complaining is not going to make the least bit of change!  We have to start working proactively to save our black youth.  Our black youth are killing and maiming each other at alarming rates!  The coldness in the eyes of some of these young men bring a chill to my bones.  I talk with them; I walk with them. . . but the hardest thing for me to do is to reach them.    A collaborative effort is needed to put life back into the hearts of many of our young black men.    It will take family, community and government intervention.   You may not be affected by the violence at this time, but at this rate–the spillage of violence will reach you very soon. 

I challenge everyone reading this to take the time to talk to that young man on the corner.  Offer another view of life than the one he has doomed himself to living.  Take the time to show compassion to that young man whose mother is “out there.”  Take the time to show some compassion to the mother, herself.  Take some time to talk to a young couple about remaining active in the roles of their children.

I challenge all of us to take a proactive stance in turning this murderous trend downward.    If we don’t take a stance, no one will do it for us.  Trust me!

Rembember. . . next time the call could be about one of your very own. . . an innocent bystander… or not…

–We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people but for the appalling silence of the good people.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

–Peace, Light and Love. . . CordieB.


  tobeme wrote @

This is a very important subject, one that should be on the front pages of every newspaper. No doubt there are problems which are often perpetuated by the media which often glorifies and stereotypes the young black man as having limited options, most of which are negative.
We as a society must do as you say and be an active part of the solution, through love, through acceptance and by stepping up to be mentors to those who are lost on their journey.

  Disturbed Stranger wrote @

That was deep… Got me completely drawn in.. Sincerely nd vividly expressed!

well written!
And Happy belated New Year

  Amber wrote @

I wonder though Cordie… would a kid on the street listen to someone like me? I try with the kids of the neighborhoods here… I talk with them. They think Im old, and I don’t know what its like..

The kids are so lost in something that I can’t begin to touch these days.. unable to even begin to engage in a conversation because they haven’t been given the tools to have one. Their minds are warped by TV and music, and the word on the street. No parents, no love in the home…. They respect no one, not even themselves.

I don’t know what to say or do here. I try. I have the conversations. I encourage as they cross my path. But wow… its hard.

  cordieb wrote @

@tobeme. . . I wish I had 10 of you in my neighborhood! Thanks for the supportive words! Peace, Light and Love. . .to you and yours. . .

@Disturbed Strange. Quite “disturbing” is it not. Happy New Year friend.

@Amber. I understand completely. I feel the very same way. It is so scary. . and so frustrating… and I seem to have no answers. I do know that I will do all that I can to break this cycle by loving and nurturing those who are still reachable! Blessings Ambermoon! Happy New Year wise one of my heart!

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