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Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

Open the Window ~By CordieB

Freedom by ©2008-2009 ~tatsu-subaru
Freedom by  ~tatsu-subaru   ©2008-2009

There is a certain sadness one often feels when one has to relinquish control;

The sadness of a dying past…allowing the present to replace the old;

There is a certain anguish in realizing our grasp must be broken;

Like watching our children leave the nest…our real fears are seldom spoken…

Because we know that some of our desires die with our letting go;

But let go we must …in order that love ones can blossom and grow

So, our selfish motivations to hold our love ones near…

is often miscommunicated with sadness, anguish and fear…

If we truly love someone we must encourage them to be

Uniquely themselves by  ensuring they are free…

from our insecurity based limitations which may hinder their flight…

Open the window!  Allow love ones to find their true light!
~~Written by CordieB


  Grace wrote @

Oh, Cordie…You’ve touched on such an significant issue for me. Control issues and “Letting Go” in general have been highlighted in my life over the last decade. And never so much as with the growing up of my children.

You have magnificently put all of those complicated ideas into such beautiful prose.

  tobeme wrote @

Very wise words! It takes courage and confidence to truly let go. Not only do you free those you let go, you also increase your level of freedom.

  SanityFound wrote @

A hard lesson in life, one that can bring many torments yet you manage to spin it with beautiful positivity and light… talent knows no bounds like yours HUGS

  cordieb wrote @

@Grace. . . So true Grace. . .The more we control, the more we will be controlled and so often we don’t even realize it. Let us learn to let go in order that we might regain a bit more freedom! Blessings!

@Tobeme. . . so true tobeme. So wise you are. You always spin another light to bring thoughts full circle. You are a blessing and a wise one! Blessings!

@Sanityfound. Hello dearest Sis! Thanks for the beautiful words. You my dearest sis have the talent. I know I’ll be reading your novels or see your art in a museum in my lifetime! Blessings!

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