Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

Happy New Year

Hello Beautiful People. . . .

I hope everyone had a beautiful 2008; but if reading your stories and reading my stories are any indication of the year that is ending. . . it contained some times of pain, heartbreak,  and the like. 

But guess what, we made it!  Isn’t that grand!!!!!!    We have another year to love, to give, to start over, to do whatever our heart’s desire.  We have the God given gift of "Free Will!" 

We can change our situation with the making up of our minds!  Isn’t that powerful!  We can be happy if we simply will our selves to.  Life isn’t that damn serious!  In fact. . . no matter what happens, life goes on.  Everything changes.  Nothing, not sadness, depression, happiness, or even life itself ever stays the same. 

And, we do have some say so on how how life’s cards are dealt to us; especially those of us who are grown ups now! 

So let’s vow to make 2009 the life we want it to be and see  what happens!

Happy New Year!!!!

Peace, Light and Love . . . CordieB.


  paisley wrote @

looking forward to a year of changee and hope and peace…. i am so glad you have become my true friend and confidant….

  SanityFound wrote @

Happy New Years huns, may 2009 be all that you dreamed for, may you have nothing but laughter filled happy memory making moments sealed with love.

Last year was a rough one for so many of us but we did indeed get through it… 2009 is already incredible just for having a friend like you in it!

Hugs and love dear sister, this is your year!

  neilina wrote @


  Author wrote @

Happy New Year Cordie … I hope this year holds the very best for you.

  NIKAMARIE wrote @

Yes, We made it! 🙂


  vanessaleighsblog wrote @

Happy, peaceful, joyful new year to you, dear Cordie!!! I feel blessed to have you in my circle. And, you are so right; free will makes it all possible!!!! mwah!

  enreal wrote @

Happy New Year my friend… I wish you to know what a beautiful light you have been to me over this past year… it was sometimes dark, sometimes cloudy, sometimes rainy… yet you shined bright… you are an inspiration… may I have the strength and light to be and become what I wish to be… you are an inspiration to be… blessings to you my friend

  cordieb wrote @

@Pais. Thanks sweety. . . the feelings are mutual. Let us both have a growth spur in ’09. Thanks for being a true friend and confidant in 08 and for all the raw truth you share with us each day.

@SanityFound. Hey Lil Sis. . . I don’t know what I would have done this year if it were not for you . . . TY for being. Keep the enthusium; it is contagious and I need some.

@Nielina. Thanks hun. . . looking forward to a super 09 and reading more of your wonderful thought provoking words. . .

@Author. Back at ya. . . kindred sis!! Stay creative – I look forward to the next book in 09.

@Nika Marie. Yes! We did make it through it. . . . by the Grace of God no less. Thanks for being thre these whole 12 months! I look forward to seeing that beautiful smile again in 09

@Ness. . . My Umbuntu Ambassador . . . My circle would not be complete without your wisdom and compassion. Many blessings are sent your way for the upcoming year!

@Enreral . . . the Angel, my earthly guardian angel. Thanks for your most provocative thougts and words that so often take me to another level and enables to get out of my box and put on my own wings. . . blessings to you my sister. . .

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