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Archive for December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Hello Beautiful People. . . .

I hope everyone had a beautiful 2008; but if reading your stories and reading my stories are any indication of the year that is ending. . . it contained some times of pain, heartbreak,  and the like. 

But guess what, we made it!  Isn’t that grand!!!!!!    We have another year to love, to give, to start over, to do whatever our heart’s desire.  We have the God given gift of "Free Will!" 

We can change our situation with the making up of our minds!  Isn’t that powerful!  We can be happy if we simply will our selves to.  Life isn’t that damn serious!  In fact. . . no matter what happens, life goes on.  Everything changes.  Nothing, not sadness, depression, happiness, or even life itself ever stays the same. 

And, we do have some say so on how how life’s cards are dealt to us; especially those of us who are grown ups now! 

So let’s vow to make 2009 the life we want it to be and see  what happens!

Happy New Year!!!!

Peace, Light and Love . . . CordieB.