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A Gentle Spirit – Spiritual Riddle – By CordieB

The Eye of God - Courtesy of CordieB

The Eye of God - Courtesy of CordieB

There is a comfort about me

Allowing the soul to rest

Leaving no room for feelings of uncertainty or emptiness

There is a peace of mind I bring . . .

Whenever my essense surrounds

which is more valuable than all riches

I am where home can be found . . .

You will feel God must have placed you here

And left you in comfort . . . knowing you are where

 you are loved; you are free . . .

You are just where you are suppose to be . . .

You you are welcomed; you are true

You are incredibly, honestly, gloriously You. . . .

I bring. . .. warm blankets of security covering

the body, mind, and spirit

without feelings of  smothering

or fears of dreaded unknowing

I give a simple easiness

leaving no unexplained longing

Who am I. . . Click below for riddle answer . . .

I am the gentle Spirit of Belonging . . .

Have you ever been a place for which…you simply did not feel you belonged. . . It can be a home, a street, a place, a job, a relationship, or even how you are living your life.  When you experience the gentle spirit of Belonging, you will experience a joy and comfort of knowing you are on the right path . . . you are just where you should be.  Take a deep breath and when you feel the spirit of Belonging upon you . . . take heed to what, who and why you are feeling this beautiful comfort.  Thank God for placing you in this place and joyously love all and everything that is contributing to keeping the spirit of Belonging alive, well and present.

If you have ever felt the spirit of belonging. . . you will instantly know the difference when you are in a situation in which she is not there.  When you are not where you belong, you will feel a discomfort–an uneasiness.  Sometimes, you will try to blind yourself to this uneasiness. . . but it will not work.  In the end, life will not allow you to remain in this state, for it is not where you belong.

If you are not in the presense of the gentle Spirit of Belonging. . . you need to search for her in your heart and soul; summon the Spirit of Belonging to guide you the way to her presense.  Once you arrive, bless and love Belonging and all that contribute to her well being, for if you don’t,  she might disappear!

Peace, Light and Love. . . CordieB.


  paisley wrote @

you know cordie.. you have definitely hit on something.. i never really have felt as f i belonged… being a dope fiend was the closest i ever came to being a part of a group you know,, someone that was cool,, someone that you knew understood,,and lived by the same set of rules….

maybe i could feel more alive if i belonged….

you are always so right on with yur posts…

  brightlightwarriornika wrote @





  cordieb wrote @

@Paisley. . . It’s always good to feel like we are where we belong; regardless of where we are or what we are doing. Based upon my personal experience, there was a time that I felt most comfortable with people who were “down” but as time moved on and I began loving myself and being concerned for my well being. . . I nolonger felt as though I felt that was the place for me . . . although, I still feel a kinship – but to actually live the life is not where I belong anymore. . . As they say, misery loves company too . . . and we are forever greatful for the times we have gone through together. . . those of us who made it out. Wishing you super holidays! PLL, CordieB.

@Nika. . . Oh girlfriend, you remembered!Thanks soooooo much for the birthday wish! Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you and yours too . . . hope its blessed with love!

  Amber wrote @

Cordie… I have been watching you for the past few months. Its been a hard ride for us both. I still don’t think either us have really found that place of belonging yet. Im looking for mine and making changes.. how about you?

  cordieb wrote @

@Amber. I feel you sister. I suppose right now I’m feeling rather stuck between a rock and hard place; yet slowly but surely nudging my way out. I suppose I need some motivation at this point in my life. . . . for motiviation is what I’m lacking and seems as though I can’t conjure her up. So, send me some motivation, if you will for the upcoming year! Blessings dear Amber, I’m praying you find belonging too! I do believe you will!

  vanessaleighsblog wrote @

Cordie: Sorry for the long absence; life itself has taken much of my time, but willingly so!!!!! This is such an amazing riddle. I have felt that level of discomfort, in the past, even in the home that I share now with my family. However, this time around for us, I am totally settled in, comfortable in every scenario, every room, every nook and cranny of the place.

I am home, and I do hope that you find that comfort that is lasting soon……. may you have peace, love and light on this day, Christmas Day and every day. And, is Christmas also your day of birth? How special!!!! BTW, I will be in your neck of the woods over the weekend; be braced for the big hug I am sending your way!!!! V.

  cordieb wrote @

@Vanessa! Thanks for the big hug, words of encouragement, and birthday wish! Yes, it’s Christmas. I’m so happy that life is feeling so good to you; you’re so blessed and your joy spills over in ways you may not even be aware of. Wishing you continued blessings, love, and happiness thoughout the season and every day! Love Ya. . . Mwah!

  Gee wrote @

Very beautiful riddle, of course I didn’t get the answer. So on, yes I have been in those place many times in life knowing and feeling out place. My mind,spirit snd soul will not let me rest until I’m out of these places. I tell my mind after numerous warning from the mind ” look at me, I enjoying this” my soul quiver knowing it not true. I get more warning and thougts of getting out of these places. Then finally I take heed and leave. The mind, body, soul/spirit is than at peace once again, until it has to go to work again. Thank you God for Intuition. We must learn to listen to them and most time follow them. Great riddle Ms Cee and my Love.

  cordieb wrote @

@Gee. So true my love. There is a thin line between intuition and suspition – whereas intitution tells us something is wrong; but usually we can’t point out the exactness of what it is; thus we start becoming suspitious to that which is real and also, unfortunately, that which is not real. When we learn to walk in faith, even through the fire, we might catch a glimpse of the Spirit of Belonging. . .
Love Ya. . .always and forever . . . CordieB.

  Grace wrote @

Happy Holidays, Ms. Cordie! May you and yours experience overflowing joy and peace this season 🙂 Thanks for all the love!


  Hazel Jones wrote @


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  neilina wrote @

Why ‘spirit of belonging’ just flashes in life? What it takes to keep us forever in our life……i guess it really calls for great strength. This article is really great! Loved it…….Guess what, I am really falling for your writings! 🙂

  angryafrican wrote @

Again… Beautiful!

It has been such a pleasure getting to know you in 2008. I hope you have an incredible 2009.

Lots of love.

  paisley wrote @

i kind of combined my comments on both this and the newer post above it….

  cordieb wrote @

@Grace. I hope your holidays were beautiful, and full of love Grace. Thanks for the love!

@Nielina. Sometimes life is so hard; or do we simply just make it that way? I’m glad your falling for my writing! I fell for yours some time ago.

@AA. Thanks AA. The feeling is mutual!

@Paisley. . . You were the first commenter to this post; I responded to your comment; but I’m delighted you’ve revisited!

At All: Have a Super New Year, filled with love, peace, and happiness!

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