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Spiritual Art Sunday – The Measurement of a Man Lies in the His Heart

The Measurement of a Man Lies in His Heart by CordieB

The Measurement of a Man Lies in His Heart

When you can keep composure and know just what to do
While others are loosing theirs; while blaming it on you
When you can believe in self, when others say you can’t
Yet still love those others, regardless of negative affirmant

When you can remain patient without growing too weary of the wait
When you can make the best of dire circumstances  come what may
And realize your part; not blame others or blame fate
When being hated by others doesn’t cause you to practice hate
And evil deeds upon you is not dealt with in evil retaliate

When being lied about  doesn’t cause you to become a liar
and yet not believe or boast on being the the better or the wiser
When you can dream and not become a perpetual daydreamer
When you can solicit assistance without resorting to being a schemer
When you can think, while not being obsessed with your thoughts
When you can admit to mistakes without having been caught
When you can accept criticism without pointing fingers back
And not take all criticism as a personal attack
When you can summon courage in the mist of paralyzing fears
When you are not afraid to cry; as strength often comes with tears

When you can face disaster and triumph just the same
realizing they are one–just with a different name
When you can risk it all in the investment of a dream
loose it all; but not loose faith and start all over again
Keeping life in perspective, never bothering to complain

When you can walk in a crowd of evil, yet still keep your virtue
When you can not loose sight of the goodness within you
When you can have abundance, yet not forget from where you came
When you can be tied in bondage, yet your freedom still remains

When you can learn life’s lessons in all that come and go
Not ever falsely thinking you know all there is to know
When you can give all you can, still knowing when to say no
Realizing true friends count with you; not simply take and go

When you can give from the heart to those less fortune than self
And not measure richness on material wealth
When you can love, realizing love may not be returned the same
Then you shall possess a gift held in the heart of a real man
When you can realize the powers you so blessedly possess
Knowing with God’s Grace comes unique responsibilities
When you can converse with royalty with wisdom inner borne
And also communicate with beggars, realizing we are all of one
then life will start revealing light like a distant rising sun
And when you strive to master these truths, you shall be a man, my son

–Written especially for Sam, my wonderful son , pictured above.  Sam is 16.  I imagine you remember being 16 . . . no need to say more. . . lol

Inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s “If”


  whypaisley wrote @

it sounds like your son is nearly the amazing person his mother is… you are blessed the both of you to have each other….

  cordieb wrote @

Oh no…. I wrote this for him so that he can perhaps see . . . He’s growing though. Right now he thinks he knows it all! Remember those days! lol

  Dan wrote @

Cordie, you’ve done a wonderful job of encapsulating what a man should be. Quite a tall task for sixteen…but if we never raise the bar we’ll never know how high we can fly!

  cordieb wrote @

@Dan. . . after reflecting back on it. . . it’s quite a tall tale for a 66 year old; let alone a 16 year old! lol. But the word strive in the last sentence is what makes the man or woman, I think. Strive! That’s all we can do. PLL, CordieB.

  Carol Desjarlais wrote @

How beautiful! Strive, yes…that volition to keep on keeping on..head high, though knees bent!

  SanityFound wrote @

This is one of your most beautiful pieces Sis, it is felt deeply within both my heart and soul and brought a knowing smile to my face. Thank you for your beautiful words, they have made my day in the message and lessons they share. Love ya MWAH!

  cordieb wrote @

@Carol. Yes. . . Strive we must!

@SanityFound. Thanks Sis. I am glad these words made your day. . . I’m sure you have grown up many times over again . . . as I have too. . . we still learn; we still strive.

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