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Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

Spiritual Art Sunday – The Emerging

The Emerging - CordieB

The Emerging - CordieB

She walks this earth inside her mind

Her fear of love has made her blind

She wears a smile with distant gleam

But all is well, or so it seems

She spat at love eternally

And swears this is the way to be

This is one thing she feels she can control

Yet there’s a hollow in her soul

for which she can’t quite fill the void

Thus, She walks though life quite paranoid

That there is something in her being

That’s lying dormant; unforeseen

An imagined evil just on the surface

For which she cleverly keeps in place

By a trillion thoughts of self reduction

Repetitive thoughts; causing obstruction

Of true desire for what can make her feel

worthy of love, of life, of zeal . . .

So long these thoughts have tricked her mind

She scantly remembers there being a time

When she knew how to live outside of self

When she felt deserving of being blessed

She thought she could live this way forever

But the universe willed her to discover

The backwards spelling of the dormant evil

The love she stubbornly won’t allow to spill

She fears the pain she may evoke

That take her breath; make her choke

That pains her more than anything else

Since her mind’s convinced her she can’t help herself

So she wears soft shoes that hurt her feet

As a constant reminder of past retreats

She has not learned the power of self forgiveness

For she’s convinced she deserves no blessing

So love resides in remission; deeply submerged

For years in dormant; yet soon to be emerged

Love is pushing its way from inside out

Though she’s quite  successful at keeping Love out

Each time she feels Love peeking around

She changes directions to ensure she can’t be found

Yet, God has other plans for this child, disguised as woman

LOVE WILL crawl from the hidden place she’s tucked Love in…

–Written by CordieB

P.S.  If you think I wrote this for you. . . I did 🙂


  nika marie wrote @

sweet! 🙂

  rawdawgbuffalo wrote @

very well written – nice

  gypsy-heart wrote @

Beautifully written, my dear!

this is the key..right here in your words:

“LOVE WILL crawl from the hidden place she’s tucked Love in…”

You are on the right path..one of HEART!


  gypsy-heart wrote @

Ps I love your image too!!

  enreal wrote @

This is a powerful piece, one of deep obligation and one which needs to be taken, claimed… For all who are brave enough to claim her. I am speechless. Was this not written for you as well… perhaps, or maybe not… You are a lot stronger than me… and most…

Blessings for this… I shall ponder these words for days to come.

  cordieb wrote @

@Enreal. Tis so strange. Although I was thinking about someone else while writing this. . . I have seen myself in this poem in a most painful yet inspiring way throughout this day. . . it has been a revelation. It’s so strange . . . as I had never saw myself in this manner until I wrote this. . . It is like a pure Love and zest for life is forcing Her way out; emerging within me as well – one which I suppose has been submerged deeply in the depths of my being – for which I must have forgotten or hidden along the way since perhaps childhood. Perhaps I too can reclaim Her. I shall elaborate perhaps on a follow up post.

  paisley wrote @

what a perfect piece for me to read today… i have been in the naughty place for so long now,, i have started a private journal again in which i can spew my vile venom and no one else has to be subjected to it….

i just love you girl,, you are my soul sister in the flesh,, i feel it every time i step here onto your page…..

  Dan wrote @

Very insight, Cordie. I especially enjoyed the open-ended comment regarding who may have inspired the work.

  cordieb wrote @

@Nika. . . Thanks Sweety; I’m glad you liked this one. Thanks for the Love! PLL, C

@Rawdawg. . . Thanks Jones! Thanks for the Love! PLL, C.

@Paisley. You’re my soul sister too girl! I hope you don’t hold too much of that journal in secret; as I just love reading your stuff, no matter how dark or light it may be. I ALWAYs come back with something . . . , another perspective, a closer look at self, aways someting! So don’t feel you’re hurting me if you keep some of it public! But of course they are yours to do with however yu wish. . . but the selfish me will miss your postings if you stop sharing! After writing this one, I began to look at things about myself for which I’d never quite saw . . . see Enreal’s comment and my response. We all learn so much from each other. There are lessons learned and revelations are revealed in unexpected places. PLL, C

@Dan. Thanks Dan. I’m not sure if you’re talking of Enreal’s comment above and my response or the P.S. at the end. . . Anywho. . . Blessings to you dearest; thanks for the inspritation!

  cordieb wrote @

@Gypsy Heart. Love is always the right path; we need to realize that and practice that. . . as we can so easily fall of it. Let us strive to stay n the path of Love. . . Namaste

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