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Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

The Grief Process

This was very hard to write for me; as there is no greater loss that I can imagine than that of the loss of a child. Yet it happens; more often than we want to admit . . .So often people guilty because they are told they must move on . . . yet healing requires grief and time. Those who intend to bring comfort must understand these cycles too. So I write this for anyone who may be going through such despair. . . and I pray that you find joy one sweet day. . .

There are five stages of grief; and most people experience grief in the order stated below. . .

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance

Grief’s Cycle …By CordieB

I don’t believe what’s happening;

Surely this can not be real

I’ll awaken from this nightmare soon

I’ll see, I’ll touch, I’ll feel . . .

your loving eyes; your tender heart

You..are still here! No!

We are not apart!

Oh God why did you take my love….

Such a loving soul was he

If you were such a loving God

Why allow such tragedy?

This world is filled with such despair

What does it mean, who really cares?

There are no answers to eternity

If only you would just take me…

instead; I’d rather be the one –

Please take me God, release my son…

Just leave me be. . . let me be free

Into my solo destiny

Alone ..through misty haze I see – and want to be

No desire to communicate –

I’ve lost my will; such is my fate…

Why is it that he had to die?

I plead, I beg, I must know why…

My heart’s so cold; ice cycled blood I cry . . .

Such agony; I hate- despise…

I can not pray . . my heart still cries

I can’t imagine going on . . .

without my loving, caring son . . .

Time passes by; seems like a distant dream

I cry sometimes….

yes, with time …the sadness weans

and with each day as life goes on…

Your love; it helps me carry on

I miss you still, so much – yet I fear

I’ll lose your vision through the years. . .

Yet memories remain so rich and clear

I feel your love down in my soul

Memories bring me comfort; love keeps me whole

My God holds me each day, each hour

So wondrous is God’s healing power

I don’t have answers to this life . . .

Yet live I must, through peace or strife

as death’s essential to all life

And though I do not understand

I see a glimpse of life again

And I feel so blessed to be the one…

you chose to be your mother, Son.

~Written for Valeria Harrison, Mother of Jamal, for which I wrote an article recently, entitled Lessons from the Hood – Perhaps you can find it; I’m tired ."   Valeria read that post . . . and commented. . . .let us keep her in our prayers and pray that men will lay their weapons down!


  Amber wrote @

There are simply no words for this… none.

  cordieb wrote @

@Amber. . . surely I understand your sentiments. . . I have changed this since you first read it. . . it has more of a positive ending…as all pain in life does… Peace, Light and Love. .. CordieB.

  paisley wrote @

the very fact that you live close enough to this emotion to describe it with such intensity scares me to death…

so many families these days are dealing with the unnatural deaths of their children.. it is a phenomenon that i hope that we will take a little more time to learn about and try to understand,, and maybe in knowledge we will find a way to teach our young that this is not the way they want to live,,, and die…

thank you for all of your insights cordie….

  Dan wrote @

Cordie, I found you via Paisley and am so glad I did! You’re work is full of wisdom, compasion, and understanding. I think the fact you would write this for someone speaks volumes.

  Grace wrote @

((( Cordie ))) Hello, sweet lady…

Thank you for bringing this wise treasure to us. Grief – like love – is a mysterious thing, and it’s effects on our lives so powerful. The thought of losing a child is incomprehensible to me, and yet, I walk daily with the knowledge that none of us are given guarantees when we show up Here. All I can say is that love does heal even the most tearing, searing pain…and that we are never truly seperated from each other.

HUGS…thank you so much for visiting me 🙂 Not sure how often I’ll be writing, but your precious light was so welcomed!

  cordieb wrote @

@Paisley. Thanks so much for your concern Paisley. This cycle will come to and end one day; may not in my day – but it will change. Thanks for the love. . . {{hugs}}.

@Dan. Welcome! Thanks for your most gracious comment. Do visit again – make yourself at home! Peace, Light and Love to you and yours. . . CordieB.

@Grace. So glad to see you back! Yes. . . time does heal as nothing stays the same. Hugs back at cha sis!

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