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Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

Spirituality Art Sunday – The Walk from Smoke into Darkness

Print, Entitled, The Walk from Smoke into Darkness -CordieB.

She walked away from smoke into the darkness . . .

She trusted the unknown would let her breath

Although the unknown darkness scared her . .

Its possibilities of life were what she seized

The smoke was slowly suffocating

She felt life fade with each shallow breath

Though she knew not where the darkness lead

The smoke would surely cause her death . . .

Into the abys, she fiercely walked

Away from all she’d ever known

And through the many darkenend nights

She breathed fresh air; that of her own . . .

-Written By CordieB


  Energy Healing wrote @

How Cool! I too have made the walk from smoke into darkness. Not only can you breathe, but you can remember how to heal yourself as I did as 5 years ago I was dying of kidney failure and now I’m not! Never be afraid to trust your inner guidance to make that jump into the blessed abyss.

Love and joy!

  neilina wrote @

“She breathed fresh air; that of her own . . .” This is what really matters at the end! Nice poem!

  SanityFound wrote @

Feels as though you are writing about me for so often I have felt this to be in part my journey through life. Beautifully written sis, absofruitly outstanding! *hugs*

  cordieb wrote @

@Energy Healing. . . Welcome! I’m delighted to hear of your your healing! The mind controls so much of what our body does – It amazes me at times how much our thoughts and emotions control our bodies – – most of us are not taught this and are unaware – if we were, perhaps we would pay more attention to our emotions. Thanks for sharing!

@ neilina. Welcome! Yes, I believe to remain in a place where we feel stuck or controlled causes a slow death and many regrets . . . We all make choices, I would choose freedom of body, mind and soul. Thanks!

@SanityFound. . . Yeah, Sis, I thought about you as I wrote this! At least now I feel safe that you are seeing the light in the horizon – I’m delighted you took a walk into the unknown. Had you not escaped the smoke, I’m not sure what would have happened. You are quite fearless, especially in light of your innocence! PLL

  Amber wrote @

wow… I love this piece. Both the art and the poetry… this is another outstanding one girlfriend. You so inspire my soul. WOW

  vanessaleighsblog wrote @

Yes, I am with Amber, both the artwork and the words have blown me away for sure!!!! I can clearly see the imagery in action as well…… the darkness is our only recourse for a full life at times, right? We must trust and move forward or we die……..

Thank you sister…. just amazing!!!!!

  rawdawgbuffalo wrote @

get a book out jones

  cordieb wrote @

@Amber. Thanks sis, I’m glad to have inspired you.

@Ness. Yes, we must move into the darkness in order to grasp the light sometimes. We must never remain in a place where we feel out of place just because we fear what might be out there, for sure! We must overcome our fears to capture our dreams; or else endure the nightmare!

@RawDawg. . . being that you’re already published, perhaps you could send me a few tips! Thanks RD.

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