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The Illusion of Separateness


Strength, Courage and Wisdom ~CordieB.

Strength, Courage and Wisdom ~CordieB.

 The illusion of separateness is perpetuated through our interpretations of the seen.

We observe Reality manifesting in what appear to be separate, discrete parts — without recognizing the inherent inseparability and interdependence of everything appearing before us.

When we focus, instead, on… the connective tissue of Reality, the invisible Source from which, and the Background against which everything shows up, the illusion of separateness is naturally and inevitably dispelled — even as the appearance of duality remains.

~The Daily Guru

Hello beautiful people! Today, I challenge you to take your focus off of the separateness of everything you experience.  Instead of looking at the distinct separateness of that you see, try, instead, to focus on the background . . . on the whole . . . on the connection of everthing and allness. 

Look into the horizon; the moon, the stars . . . see how it all is connected to you and what is around and also connected to you and everything.   Imagine how all the pieces peaces magnificently contribute and connect to the one!

Experience the oneness of allness for a change.  You might just feel rejuvinated!   You may just be able to see things somewhat different; somewhat clearer!   I did!  Let me know your thoughts!

P.S.  No drugs allowed while practicing this!  lol

Love that Sparks Creativity

My Cup Runneth Over ~CordieB

My Cup Runneth Over ~CordieB

I lost a lot but learnt a lesson
I lost so much; but gained a blessing
I never knew the meaning of
living life with unconditional love

until i lost all that I knew
my dignity; yeah, I lost that too
but it was worth the lost I know
for finally, my soul did grow

I thought I was the shit for sure
My love was big; my heart was pure
but my judgments of my fellow man
left much for me to understand

Until I was put in their shoes
I went through life with undue dues
but in the time I spent so broken
I gave, I took; no voice unspoken

I turned the rock; I saw the worms
I sung, I laughed; I moaned, I squirmed
but God so bluntly let me know
I was far from ripe, I still needed to grow

I remembered lessons long forgotten
My soul matured and almost rottened
my spirit weary; close to hell
I sprint, I ran, I tumbled; fell

I looked contentment in her eyes
but spit at her in my demise
I walked away in search for more
A walk that left me kneeling on the floor

My mother told me oh so stern
that tables have a way to turn
she said, what goes up must come down
I laughed, I cried; I smiled; I frowned;

I gave so much I thought that I
could buy all blessings from the sky
but in my gifts there was arrogance
that left my soul without a dance

it wasn’t pure; it wasn’t real
How could God know; how could God Feel
Selfish ignorance, hidden in my demeanor
all that I gave was really for Cordie’s reason

But God so loved me even though
I guess, he was determined my soul would grow
She took me back to whence I came
He made me strong; he made me lame

He made me find what was within
inherently me from the beginning
I found real love deep in my heart
and with that grace; I made a start

I learned a few lessons I’d like to share
because I love; because I care
but first I’d like to make it clear
for your every smile; there is another’s tear

I wish I could let all men know
that problems come; and problems go
that much of what we cry at night
are what we conjure in the light

but sometimes it is just something
a happenstance; shit does happen
yet if we love life with out demands
we miraculously seem to understand . . .

we can better walk though the fire
We can sustain; not become so tired
we will look in our eyes and realize . . .
for our every want; there’s another’s desire

we will understand life for what it is
a constant balance of strong and passive
learn to live and let live
love just to love; give just to give

I’ve learned a lot; but still I yearn
there is so much I’ve yet to learn
I stand, I fall; I loose my mind . . .
I loose my sight; but I’m not totally blind

Nurture that love to continue life . . .
regardless if it’s peaceful or in strife
if we get it wrong; we’ must start again . . .
and begin the cycle like in the begining. . . again . . .

ashes to ashes; dust to dust . . .
in between there’s agony; joy; envy; lust;
happiness; sadness; madness; so many emotions. . yet we must . .
strive to seek pure love that lies so deep within
that sparked creation of all life in the beginning . .

~Written by CordieB.

Come with Me. . .

Come with me . . .

Follow me into my dreams if you dare

Follow me into my desires . . . my deepest cares

Walk with me into the shallow waters of peace

Walk with me in the stillness

Follow me into my dreams with a prayer

Hum a melody of tranquility to the air

Whistle a song that will tame the birds and bees

Follow me where there is but a gentle breeze

Watch the leaves dance oh so perfectly yet so free

Hear the wind blow a simple song of destiny

Listen carefully; you might hear your life

Above the chaotic stress and strife

Lend your ear to the stillness that calls you in

Breath in the sirenity of allness everywhere within


Smoke Break ~By Oldest Boy

Today, I would like to feature a young poet, Oldest Boy .  His poems are quite neurotic, erotic, and mind provoking. 

  ©2006-2008 *NIKITAgirl


They smoke and compare lies,
     dozens of them,

a mile from here it would appear a house was burning to the ground,
     but no,

no short in electrical wires,
no gas leak,
no child playing with matches,
no candle left burning on an antique table,

just a cancer contest,

     with tall tales told,
     the way trophies are held,
     almost proud enough to carry themselves,
     and each other,
     in clouds of laughter,
     with each validating puff,
     creating a plasma of reassurance,
     blown against the backs awaiting pats,
     the likes of which would remind them
     they are still ‘marlboro’ men,

one picks up transvestite prostitutes, after drinking himself retarded and beating his wife for writing depressing poems about their garbage bag of a marriage,

one power-trips the days away at his ‘rent-a-cop’ security job and stumbles along the thin line between heroin over-dose and the perfect high, to distract himself from good reasons to commit suicide,

another rents ‘barney’ and ‘blues clues’ movies from ‘block-buster video’ to enjoy a lengthy parenting conversation with the clerk, before going home to molest his niece, who flinches away from his hand like an abused house cat,

the rest of them,
     do nothing,
     but live life,
     like one big smoke break conversation,
     fabricating a past
     that never happened,
     between the coughs,
     and occaisional comments,
     such as,

Did you see the game?