Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

Peace Reflects Peace!

Peace Reflects Peace - CordieB Image courtesy of Cordieb.

I was inspired to write the following after reading She Wolf Native’s blog entry today, entitled, "Yes, Virginia, There Can Be Peace! It really woke me up . . . I realized that I spend an enormous amount of time speaking and writing about world peace (and all that it entails). . . that I cause unpeace in those I speak about. . . also. . . I loose sight of my own peace at times.    So for the rest of the day . . . perhaps tomorrow too. . . i’m going to chill!

Peace . . .

We wave peace signs high in the air;

picking and choosing crosses to bear

pointing fingers at his hatred or her sin

when will we find peace within ?

We hold them and those responsible…

for the world’s dire state of trouble

We spend so much energy on grandeur peace

that peace within has somehow ceased!

Is there peace in arguing ageless points

on wars, religion, do’s and don’ts…?

certainly there’s not peace in the heart of a man

who fights for peace with such disdain . . .

We fight for peace across the sea,

but can’t find peace inside the me!

So righteous we are; so patriotic;

yet our own homes; a mess. . . chaotic…

We’re arguing, fighting for human rights

causing ourselves and others peaceless, sleepless nights…

Let’s for one moment call a truce

Let’s find peace in accepting other’s views

Let us find our peace inside ourselves…

not diminish inner peace; stressing someone else

Perhaps if we all did this more often,

anxiety would lessen; all hearts would soften

It’s time to take a moment’s will..

sit back, relax, exhale and chill…

~By Cordie B.  — Peace Out!


  Carol wrote @

How poetically said. A moment’s truce, indeed. I will be interested to see what you think of the Seven Fires blog I will do tomorrow. We come from different Frist People’s and I would love to hear how you feel about the post.
My left hand to your left hand!

  cordieb wrote @

@Carol. I anticipate reading your blog tomorrow- “Seven Fires.” – sounds interesting. ! Thanks for continuing your enlightening, wise posts! Thanks for the kindness! My left hand to your left hand too! 🙂 (ya know I got to go find out what that means, but coming from you, I know it’s positive!)

  gypsy-heart wrote @

Beautifully said and very wise, CordieB!

I SO agree…let’s begin with inner peace. Imagine if we all did that within ourselves..then within our circle..until all circles expanding.. finally encircling all.

I love your images..well done!!!

Good and creative energies to you..and peace of heart!


  paisley wrote @

you know iam with you all the way on this one girl… so busy are we worrying about getting me- me,, cant make time for peace…

hey,, if i don’t “see” you before,, happy thanksgiving honey to you and yours!!

  brightlightwarriornika wrote @

REAL TALK that is!

  vanessaleighsblog wrote @

I love the image as well, Cordie, and you are so right, inner peace is the total key. Peace out, girl!!!

  cordieb wrote @

Imagine if we all practiced inner peace for moment; all at the very same moment! Imagine! Thanks so much. I’m glad you like the image!

Don’t eat too much for Thanksgiving!


  enreal wrote @

Amen!!! Very powerful and full of incredibly positive intentions… how I love your words… let me count the ways

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