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The Illusion of Separateness


Strength, Courage and Wisdom ~CordieB.

Strength, Courage and Wisdom ~CordieB.

 The illusion of separateness is perpetuated through our interpretations of the seen.

We observe Reality manifesting in what appear to be separate, discrete parts — without recognizing the inherent inseparability and interdependence of everything appearing before us.

When we focus, instead, on… the connective tissue of Reality, the invisible Source from which, and the Background against which everything shows up, the illusion of separateness is naturally and inevitably dispelled — even as the appearance of duality remains.

~The Daily Guru

Hello beautiful people! Today, I challenge you to take your focus off of the separateness of everything you experience.  Instead of looking at the distinct separateness of that you see, try, instead, to focus on the background . . . on the whole . . . on the connection of everthing and allness. 

Look into the horizon; the moon, the stars . . . see how it all is connected to you and what is around and also connected to you and everything.   Imagine how all the pieces peaces magnificently contribute and connect to the one!

Experience the oneness of allness for a change.  You might just feel rejuvinated!   You may just be able to see things somewhat different; somewhat clearer!   I did!  Let me know your thoughts!

P.S.  No drugs allowed while practicing this!  lol


  Sorrow wrote @

no drugs?
oh dear, I will have to do this when i have not had a couple glasses of evening wine.
but the connecting thread runs through us all..
like a giant dream catcher…
where are you on the web of life?

Good afternoon Sorrow. Where am I on the web of life? ha ha. I wish I only knew. I just happy to be present! Blessings. . .as always. . .

  whypaisley wrote @

i always have difficulty seeing things as part of a larger picture… i will make it my focus for a few days and let you know what i see….

Tis not an easy task; we have been looking at things from a separate point of view since forever; it will take some major mind bending. Try tilting your head to the side while looking. . . just kidding. . . 🙂 Also, see my comment to Marie, above. PLL . . .

  brightlightwarriornika wrote @

for the next couple days I am going to do this.

love and light

Marie! I’ve been practicing this too. . . the more I do it, the more I’m intuned to look at things different. Reminds me of when I first started practicing the Kelgel exercises. Though it was simple to do and not unpleasant in the least, it was just somthing about it . . .that made it seem hard for some reason. . . lol.

  cordieb wrote @

I’ve left individual comments. Blessings to all.

  Amber wrote @

Wow.. amazing thought. I love this one sweetie. I think you are back! Seriously! Im inspired!

  enreal wrote @

What a beautiful and positive project… Love the energy of this one! Thanks Cordie!

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