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Pandemic Faith, Hope and Love

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Yesterday, I was saddened that Jamal, and many other young men and woman who have lost their lives to senseless violence, did not witness a historical moment in history.  I was saddened they were not able to witness Americans thinking beyond racial barriers and casting their votes for positive change by electing Barack Obama. 


Yet, on another note I felt a sense of renewed hope and faith.  Not only did I feel it, I saw it.  I saw a sense of hope, faith and love that I had not seen in the eyes of my brothers and sisters, my children, my neighbors, my friends and co-workers, in a very long time.  From the wino on the corner, to the little old lady, to the beautiful young people, all of whom stood in lines in the rain, often for hours, I saw on their faces renewed hope, faith and love.     I saw renewed hope in the eyes of those whose eyes have mirrored hopelessness for a very long time.   I felt delighted that so many of us have been given a fresh dose of hope in a dismal time in America.


I am proud that America is finally moving beyond racial issues and striving to see people for who they are.  I am proud that Americans are finally realizing that we need change in the administration, change in policy, and change from our leadership.  We need positive change which incorporates, We, the People.  Not We, the Rich People; not We, the Black People; not We, the White People, not We the Straight People, but, We The People.  


I feel renewed hope that President elect Obama has the abilities to inspire Americans to stop thinking and feeling in the backward ways of divisiveness and hopelessness.   I can see that Obama truly believes in what he speaks and that his love for humanity will be so contagious, that we all will catch it.     


Just as hopelessness, hatred, and lacking faith is contagious; so is hopefulness, faith and love.   I am positive that Obama will be the anecdote to the disease of hopelessness and hatred that was spreading across America in epidemic proportions.   His spirit for humanity will sweep across racial lines, religious sects, city streets, country roads, and spread throughout the world.  The essence of embracing humanity and loving thy neighbor will become so infectious that it will spread in pandemic proportions!   


So even though Jamal and many others who have lost their lives to senseless violence are not around to share in the victory, I am delighted that there are so many others who are still here who will catch the love virus, spread it, and create a world where hatred may become eradicated and the communicable love virus spreads across America and beyond!        


  SanityFound wrote @

Congratulations to the world for the lesson it has received and to America for standing up to what is right. I know that not all believe that this is progress but perhaps one day soon they will see the truth as it stands. I am glad Barrack is president of your country not because he is “black” but because he seems to be the most forward thinking of the lot coupled with intelligence and heart.

I grinned first thing this morning when I heard the news and I still am!

  cordieb wrote @

@SanityFound. You have always looked beyond colors, race, religion, ethnics, and sexual preferences; You fight for humanity and see the beauty within. That is one of the reasons why I have always loved you sis!
Peace, Light and Love. . . CordieB.

  Hayden Tompkins wrote @

My brother was in chicago, in Grant Park when it was announced. I have never heard anyone so happy; he was so full of JOY. I found myself in the strange position of being the only person in my vicinity who was excited. I probably called 4 friends so I could share in that amazing feeling.

It has clarified one thing, though. I am NO LONGER compromising my opinions and ideas to ‘keep the peace’ in a family that I care nothing for.

  cordieb wrote @

PI. I can’t imagine YOU compromising your opinion under any circumstance! Your family must have had an emotional bondage on you beyond my imagination; and I am truly delighted that you are beginning to free yourself from it! Stay positive, creative and truthful to self, PI. You’ll never regret it. Besides we need your honest and open opinions and thoughts! PLL, CordieB.

  whypaisley wrote @

today we are not alone in sharing any of the desires and beliefs that you set forth here… my concern is that in the days to come,, when the thrill wears off and people realize that what has got to change ,, is them,,, it is then i will be interested to see how much of last night and today we remember… i know we can… i just don’t know if we will……

  cordieb wrote @

@Paisley. So true . . . so true. . . . if the change does not come from within, it will not be real thus the memory will fade. I do hope we will . . . .

  rawdawgbuffalo wrote @

yes historic, now lets see what changes in america.
i just hope the red states
dont desire to return to the history pre 1960

  SurfaceEarth wrote @


my soul leaps at the result, Mr. Obama as president. The world rejoices.

How though on the same day, did we vote down gay marriage?

I wish the two were not intertwined. I wish the blindness in America did not touch in the same moment this historic leap of vision.


Surface Earth

  vanessaleighsblog wrote @

Cordie: YAY!!!!!!!!!! This man will help us all to realize the great persons that we can be…… I agree with SurfaceEarth, however; even with this sweet victory, it is ironic that in the same day, four states in our nation say that their inequality and prejudiced against gay couples and parents, is somehow justified due to how “flawed” we are……. Shame on California, Arkansa, Arizona and Florida…….. amidst our great joy of our victory, I am sad at this great loss…..

Thank you for your beautiful post, my dear Cordie….

  Angry African wrote @

For Jamal. For all of us.

  gypsy-heart wrote @

Beautiful post CordieB!
I am ECSTATIC about our president elect Obama!!
I see the hope everywhere too…it is as if we have a new energy!

Now I hope our gay friends will not give up hope…change is happening!

Thank you for BEing!!

  cordieb wrote @

@All – Sadly, progress is often slow. Let’s hope that progress on changing the mind set of those still bent on any form of discrimination will speed up. Thanks all for your wonderful comments.

  neilina wrote @

I am really happy for this change. When candle lights in one corner, it surely holds strength to spread light all over.

  novice101 wrote @

Obama’s victory is not just a political victory for just one man. Behind it we can find ‘humanity in humans’.

Hope you don’t mind me doing something to help another human being.


Please pass this along to your friends.

  cordieb wrote @

@Novice101. Great cause. . . i’ll pass it on! Thanks for sharing!

  novice101 wrote @

cordieb, many thanks for the help.

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