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Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

Like Spilt Milk – The Spirit of a Man

Art Work Courtesy of Rick Mobbs

This poem was written especially for Rick Mobbs at Mine Enemy Grows Older. Rick has been so kind to feature his beautiful work to inspire us to write each week. Due to other responsibilities, Rick has informed us that he will no longer be able to continue his beautiful art prompts. His latest beautiful piece is shown above. . . . I wrote this poem as an interpretation of the art .  .  . and  . . . how I imagine most men, including Rick, may feel . . . at times.

Like Spilt Milk – The Spirit of a Man ~Written by CordieB.

I hold the world with closed iron fists

Though others cry; I vaguely mist

My ego causes my heart to roar

Yet also causes my mist to pour . . . . like spilt milk wasting on the floor.

Instinctively I’m a territorial being…

Not into that which can’t be seen…

Though often I claim to see the light…

Most times I focus on black and white.

My vision prompts my groin to sour…

Yet also causes my mist to pour. . . .like spilt milk reproducing more!

My thoughts so often unrealized…

Not even I can crystallize . . .

the myriad of issues– real or fantasized . . .

My triumphs cause my voice to roar

yet also cause my mist to pour. . . like spilt milk gushing out the door

My God chose me to oversee…

Why has earth’s fate been placed on me?

Should I choose peace; should I choose war?

Responsibilities cause my mind to explore . . .

yet also cause my mist to pour. . . like spilt milk crashing on the shore . . .

~Written for Rick Mobbs in response to his last visual arts prompt. . .



  whypaisley wrote @

i have never been able to figure out how men think,, i have always been guilty of projecting my feelings and or thoughts on their being,, and i found this really refreshing,, because you have me believing,, that you really understand…….

  SanityFound wrote @

Beautifully done sis and wow to that painting, your interpretation is as how I have interpreted. Your talent never stops astounding me, seriously!

  bomi wrote @

Though we can never fully understand men — and they, us — after reading this, I can gladly pretend I know how they think 🙂
This is a great interpretation. Well done dear, it’s lovely.

  cordieb wrote @

@Pais.. . . . Thanks for commenting. Men are unassumingly misunderstood – check out . . . http://enreal.wordpress.com/2008/10/20/i-am/

I know no more than you; though I can talk a good game! lol

@SF. Thanks sis. .. our interpretations are just that . . . ours. We can never really know a being other than ourselves. Most of what we think we know is really about ourselves.

@Bomi. Welcome. Thanks sis. . . So true. Thanks for commenting.

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