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The Ego

©2007-2008 ~daedalus1115

©2007-2008 ~daedalus1115

Received this in my email today from The Daily Guru

Each of us has an ego with which our essential Identify is associated in space and time. But, this ego is not inherently evil or wicked. It is simply limited and, like any tool or a knife, it can serve a useful function, or it can cause great harm.

In its functional role, the ego allows us to walk and talk and hold down a job and pay our bills. In this sense, the ego and the sense of identity we hold about ourselves is like a coil with a bright light shining inside. The greater the illusion and the stronger the sense of false identity, the more tightly coiled the spring.

However, when we see through the illusion and the false sense of an independent and separate self, the coil begins to relax and open up, and the light of Essence shines through as Presence — naturally radiant, clear and bright.




  SanityFound wrote @

When we live truly then we see that light, so very true! Thanks for sharing sis!

  gypsy-heart wrote @

Very wise post my dear, CordieB

“the illusion and the false sense of an independent and separate self”

Illusion it is!! 🙂

Energies of love and light to you!

  SurfaceEarth wrote @

The ego is an awesome taskmaster. in my quest against it, should i say, against? i won’t capitalize the ‘e’. I came here Cordie, to reread the words on innocence, to what we do as a society, to victims, both the accused and the victimized, to their families, and i needed to read it again, because I as a human on this planet am part of the cycle that allows harm to others. No, I haven’t eaten meat in oh, two decades or so, but I have animal products, shoes, etc. and I think, what is the difference? if i make an exception for a cow, than why not the guy down the street that doesn’t think like me, look like me? it’s dangerous to see differences at time. i think some day, God willing, we will have a life of inclusion, not exclusion. Thank you for reminding me, my ego is dispensable, not my soul and not my heart.

peace be with you today.

surface earth

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