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Sweet Revenge Turned to Eternal Regret

Troy Anthony Davis, Execution Stayed on Tuesday by Supreme Court
Troy Anthony Davis, Execution Stayed on Tuesday by U. S. Supreme Court, Let Us Pray Justice Prevails!

Sweet Revenge Turned to Eternal Regret

To the dismal chambers I watched him walk
His breath so shallow; he could not talk
I gazed into his coal, cold black eyes
He’d finally face well deserving demise . . .
For killing the man I loved so much . . .
..the wife I can no longer see, no longer touch
…the child who brought all my earthly joy banished
Due to an evil man; soon rightfully before my eyes vanquished
I felt my blood flow warmly through my veins with sweet revenge
Closure! My love one’s death finally avenged . . .
 . . . . . . .
Two years have passed since the revenged death ejection
Of the man convicted solely on witness recollection
Seems evidence proves the man who walked the mile
Was not the man who stole my joy; my love, my smile
With hatred, I watched an innocent man die in vain
Funny, his death never brought closure or eased my pain
I still recall that young man’s mother’s scream
Agony in heartbroken eyes, such as I’d never seen
The pain of unjust reality literally took her breath
When her innocent son was sentenced to death
Her agony leaves me feeling numb, emotionally wrecked
Sweet revenge has turned into eternal regret

~By CordieB

Fellow writer, Paisly has taken on a brave effort to bring our attention to the many executions that have taken place and continues to take place in the United States in which the evidence is based soley on eyewitness testimony, cohersed testimony, and false evidence; many, many of which are later proven by DNA evidence to have been wrongly accused.  The statistics are staggering.  Statistics show for every seven executions, one Death Row inmate has been exonerated.   Although guilty individuals may receive stays; it takes extreme evidence to the contrary to be "exonerated."  This figure will increase, as more and more people are convicted of capital crimes, proponents push for speedier executions, and legal help becomes less and less available for those who are accused of committing capital crimes.

Like Paisley, I have been quiet to this complicated issue we face; as it has never really effected me personally.  However, as a human being; a person who speaks and writes of unity, love, and freedom; I can no longer sit still without speaking out.   As a free nation, I feel it is barbaric that we, the Home of the Brave, Land of the Free, could actually be putting innocent men to death.   Also, like Paisley: 

"i believe the only real entitlement we as humans can lay claim to at birth,, is a little something called common sense..  and as i employ mine,,  it becomes increasingly impossible for me not to realize that given the right set of circumstances,,  it could (and very well might some day) be me,, for which they come….."