Looking in the Mirror

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Archive for September 23, 2008

The Mirror of My Soul

©2008 *Philster22 , on Deviant Art

Looking through the mirror into the window of my soul

I see a floating being, with stories yet untold

I see a bouncing baby and a woman turning old

I see a heart so full of warmth, yet at times so bitter cold

Looking through the mirror into the window of my being

I see a woman whose lived her life as though she were sightseeing

Who never truly embraced the world with zest of fearless flight

Who carefully lived each day in surity she’d sleep through another night

And awaken to the dawn; weary eyes appearing bright

Reaching into the mirror to grasp a clear vision of myself

I grasped a fleeting spirit, that nearly took my breath

She hauntingly laughed at me; wicked laughter laced with fear

She cursed me as a liar, all was not as it appeared

She said I was like an empty house; no personality of its own

My inhabitants, friends and lovers, often made this house their home

I changed my personality to fit the status quo

My decor changed with each owner, and disappeared once they would go

I could not grasp this entity, although she was so close and clear

Each time I thought I had her, she’d up and disappear

And then someone would magically arive with the gift of identity

So for a time I’d harbor such, and thus it would become me

The mirrored being took a seat, looked me straight into my eyes

She watched me closely in her stare, and straightened her demise

She said, for once be true to self; and you will have a clue

Of the beauty of the spirit and the beauty of what is uniquely you

Do not be afraid to be what you know is deep within your soul

Release the fears of rejection, release the need to gain control

Dance with the fairys in the night, sing lullibys with the moon

Walk in the rain in mornings, sleep till the afternoon

Speak your truths with love and passion; don’t do it just because you’ve heard its right

And you will find the answers to questions that haunt you in the night

But most of all my kindred one; you will find the light

~By Cordieb. Just me scribbling ~~~~~