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Barefoot In Faith

Twisted Feet ~By CordieB.  Yeah, those are my twisted toes.

Twisted Feet ~By CordieB. Yeah, those are my twisted toes! lol

Seems Like. . .

Every time I felt comfortable enough
to walk in the green grass; barefoot, carefree, like a child
along came a snake who felt compelled to bite my feet

Seems like. . .

Every time I gained comfort enough to walk
around the house with my shoes off, twiggling toes
in carpet along came a spider; bent on biting my toes

And so . . .

I began to ensure that
no matter where or with whom I travelled
I always wore very good, element proof, protective shoes . . .
I never took my shoes off; I wore them every hour . . .

But, then one day, I realized how much
I really missed
the cool grass under my feet;
the rough blades of grass between my toes . . .
The comfty feeling of walking
barefoot on soft carpet . . .
the coolness of the hard wood floors . . .

I missed it so much that . . .
I begin to walk barefoot again;
Yet, I kept a keen eye out for snakes and spiders.
I begin to learn how to spot them a mile away.

Wearing those tight, uncomfortable
shoes has taught me
I’d rather be bitten than to ever completely
give up on walking barefoot ever . . . again

And . . .it’s funny that, the more I practice Faith . . .
Wisdom . . .
Courage . . .
And the knowing that the bite always heals . . .
the less I am bitten.

~Written by Cordieb

This poem was written in response to One Single Impression’s Prompt, "Defenses Down " contributed by  Raven’s Wing Poetry
P.S.  Please do not get this twisted; this poem is about love, feeling and the emotional barriers we put up from fear of being hurt by family, friends and love ones.  This post is not about wearing protection during intercourse.   Always wrap it up!    


  Amber wrote @

Outstanding Cordie… so true.. simple.. honest. WOW.

  Sandy wrote @

I tend to do this myself sometimes. You are right, we miss so much more than we get out of saving ourselves from whatever is about.

  SandyCarlson wrote @

That is a wonderful poem. There are many risks involved in being vulnerable, yet the same one seems to present itself over and over again.

  Disturbed Stranger wrote @

Very deep, rich with meaning and beautifully expressed!

I love walking around barefoot.. It feels so natural…

well written

  SanityFound wrote @

Beautifully written with wisdom, courage and light. Those bites are still bites we just grow from them so that they seem nothing at all… evolve, grow, keep the faith… hang in there huns we loves you lots!!!

  paisley wrote @

i was never guarded,, i was always wide open and fully expected to give and receive love.. i was never afraid,, all of that has changed.. i am no longer willing to suffer the indignities that accompany what i evidently deem to be love.. so i am now walking around in boots with thick clunky sole,, they allow me to hide not only from fear,, but make me forget what it felt like to be free…

i have to love that footnote!!! how thrilled i am to have lived out my years of sexual experimentation before the condom was a prerequisite for anything other than birth control!!!

  Ty Harris wrote @

A very nice poem, and a good moral to it too. I’ll try and remember the lesson that you taught me with this simple yet elegant reminder. It’s real easy to become jaded and callous to what’s around you in this tough ol’ world sometimes. Again- very nicely done.

  Parker wrote @

Интересная штука…

  cordieb wrote @

@Amber. Thanks hun. . . so funny how we know the answers but we don’t apply them faithfully!

@Sandy. Welcome! Thank You. So true you are! Do come again!

@SandyCarson. Welcome! And such is life! Thanks for visiting. Do come again!

@Disturbed Stranger. I love walking around bare foot too! I’d rather walk in the mud than with shoes on that hurt my feet. Thanks for visiting! Do come again.

@SanityFound. Love back at cha. I just hate getting bit, it really tees me off; but I can’t stand the smell of repellant; plus it makes me sick after a while . . . if you know what I mean. Mwah!

@Paisley. Girl, I do wish you’d get rid of those boots. Walking bare foot sure did feel good didn’t it. I think your feet are beginning to grow too big for those damn clunky boots . . . toss em. Mwah!

@Ty Harrison. Thanks Ty. Jaded indeed in this jaded world. Let’s take off not only those shoes but those jade tented sun glasses as well, and begin to look at life as we should; a wonderful god given gift!

Peace, Light and Love to each of you! I’ll be writing again soon I hope; my muse is temporarily asleep!

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