Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.


Dedicated to Sanity Found’s Nessa  who passed on this morning, and all the other Superwomen out there!

I heard this song for the first time this morning. I’m really surprized that I had not heard it previously, the Alecia Keys fan that I am! Oh my, this song brought back an array of memories to my heart. The times of struggle, the knowing of struggle my daughters, my friends, and of course my sisters out there have each day. I also realized that I have always been able to come out of any struggle; always a survivor, a superwoman. For that I am thankful! Always remember, we are all superwomen! We just need to remain strong and diligent; preserve our God given love and affection – for without this we would not be women – and certainly not super! So many times once we feel we have arrived, we forget from whence we came. This feeling, although an armour, keeps us from feeling and leaves us with a feeling of emptiness. Superwomen reach out to their sisters and brothers and help them in their times of need; Superwomen know from where their strength comes; Superwomen go through life’s bumps and may fall down but always get back up! And when Superwomen feel as if they can’t, along comes another Superwoman to remind them they can! Superwomen know that this too shall pass! Superwomen are not arrogant, not all knowing, and are always willing to listen to another’s point of view. They know that they can offer their gifts, and they can accept gifts of others with grace and dignity. Superwoman speak truth, wisdom and courage. Superwomen have forgiving spirits; because they know they have fallen short themselves at one point or another; and may fall again.  They realize life is such.  Superwomen know how to love completely without fear; and are thus fearless! So for all you Superwomen out there, I say – God bless!  Peace, Light and Love. . . CordieB. 

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  SanityFound wrote @

I am in tears that is beautiful, thank you so much Cordie. I know Nessa is smiling down, you speak of her spirit fully, more so than you realise. Going to miss her lots but I am so blessed, truly blessed. Thanks sis!

  Amber wrote @

She’s an amazing talent. It was so sweet of you to post this for us all to enjoy.

Its a wow… the post and the song.

  paisley wrote @

i love the idea that i could take my feeling like a hard ass and turn it into feeling like a super woman… i didn’t know nessie,, but this was a great honor,, i am sure she would be nothing but proud..

  vanessaleighsblog wrote @

Cordie: I, too, am in tears at my desk today, with the beautiful post that you have written, the amazing Alicia Keys, and the visuals in her video that depict Ubuntu to a “T”…… I feel like a superwoman, and I am so proud to know all of the superwomen in my life, like you…. like Nessa……. like so many of us that struggle but always, always, get back up….. tremendous, you superwoman you!!!! Hugs! V.

  rawdawgbuffalo wrote @

my daughter calls me superman lol

  enreal wrote @

I know many superwomen.. I am blessed…

  cordieb wrote @

@Sanityfound. I’m glad you found it comforting. Hope all is well with you dear superwoman!

@Amber. Thanks Amber. I love that song!

@Paisley. Thanks Paisley. You might be tough, but I see the “scared little girl” turning into superwoman each passing day. You go superwoman!

@Vanessa. Back at cha superwoman!

@Rawdawg. And so you are to her; and will always be.

@Enreal. I know many too; yourself included!

[…] I am a little confused with all the Bombs, Hurricanes, Train wrecks, and sick babies.. Perhaps it is time to Stop The Crap and wake up to smell the coffee.  Just how many people are going to be able to turn around and utter the words “I am a survivor“? Do we all have to go through Lessons of Despair before we do something? Will it all stop once we have become Superwo/man? […]

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