Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.


Artist Credit
ruler whorl
by ~demonslayer3513 on deviantART


Tainted realities; addictive as dope

I’ve got the story; you bring the rope

I’ll give you insight; You’ll give me hope

We feed each other accolades to help us cope

With life’s dailys; conjured fears

I’ve got the words; bring me the tears

I can express your silent, wrecked emotions;

Make you feel like you’ve taken a get well potion

Recite the story of your life in verse

Could be a blessing; might be a curse

You share your stories that touch me deep

Stories so familiar to self; secrets to keep

This is the life the of the blogger, addicted

Words of free therapy for the lone and afflicted

Friends we don’t know; but know intimately

Group therapy of that which bonds us collectively

Laughter and tears we shed so often for each other

Actual anger if there’s mistreatment of a blog sister or brother

Missing the posts when the blog disappears

Sadness and happiness; laughter and tears

Through the days, through the months; often through years

Feeling the words of the writer, poet, communicator

Living our lives through the words of the blog’s creator

I’m blessed to found this outlet in each of you

YOu’ve all proved to be real; tried and true

Tell me your secrets; I’ll tell you no lies

I’ll tell things that make eyebrows rise

Tainted realities; addictive as dope

We’ve got the stories; let’s cut the rope

~By CordieB



  enreal wrote @

Let us share our stories and discover how we became one… indeed a therapy… this life among lives… we play the roles and yet this role feels the purist… thank you Cordie…

  vanessaleighsblog wrote @

Thank you so much cordie! They way that you put your words in verse, and it blends so well is amazing to me….. what a gift!!! This is group therapy, and also feels like one big, group hug and lovefest!!! Bring it on, bloggers, there is plenty to go around!!!! Love and hugs, V.

  t.allen-mercado wrote @

Genius! What a poignant and rhythmic piece, thanks for sharing.

  Duma Key wrote @

Nice words to suit Friday!
I find it strange how often we are drawn here, we write the things in real time we never speak of, we step aside the cliche and replace for real words and real issues. I visit blogs now on a regular basis, learning more about the person day by day as they provide a snap shot into there life, offer a window to view through.
Each blog is unique and reflects its own style, we learn and we grow from each other, the sad part I find is that if we all stood side by side in a bar we would not even know each other we would never talk or share the things we come accross in life! If only in real time we took as much time to learn and know each other, share and give prehapes life would not be so black!

  Hayden Tompkins wrote @

OMG, that picture!! I have totally done that with a ruler before!

  rawdawgbuffalo wrote @

now that was dope

  SanityFound wrote @

You never stop astounding me, the way you weave your words together creating images within my mind and feelings within my soul. Just beautifuls!

  SurfaceEarth wrote @

The drawing got me Ms. Cordie.

  lostwidow wrote @

and thank you

  Sorrow wrote @

I really liked the connection, the lines that intersect with all the meanings. This is so true, and so well woven…
thanks Miss B.

  gypsy-heart wrote @

I agree with everyone..you are amazing my dear!
Your words and the drawing are wonderful!

Creative and beautiful soul you are CordieB.

Thank you for BEing!

  SanityFound wrote @

Yip Dana Scully can keep quiet for I couldn’t agree with you more. How beautifully odd! Mwah sis!

  paisley wrote @

sometimes a blessing sometimes a cures,, but always a place where i feel at home……

  cordieb wrote @

@enreal. Thank You Angel Enreal! This medium has helped me in so many ways. I feel blessed to have “met” you. Your words always calm me when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed. I mosey on over to Enreal’s, and before you know it everthing starts coming into perspective.

@Vanessa. Thank You Vanessa! Your words always remind me that I have so many lessons to learn and gives me hope that the learning is attainable.

@ t.allen-mercado. Thank You T. I love visiting your spot; I feel right at home with good conversation, tea and of course honeybread!

@ Duma Key. So true. If we could voice our true feelings to everyone we meet; not worrying about the ramnifications, wouldn’t that make life so much more simpler. Those who choose to deal with us would do so with complete understanding and honesty; and those who choose to not deal with us would not continually waste our time. We really need to shed those fears and start communicating honestly and openly with all we meet. We would gain so much from such relations. Enough rambling – I could write a whole post on this subject . . and I just might. Peace, Light and Love, CordieB

@PI. I know – it’s a sign of deep thought. Helps one to put things in perspective. I’m not the artist for this one however. I’m sure she or he would love to know they are not alone. PLL, CordieB.

@RawDawg. Thanks RawDawg. I’m honored that my writing effected you in a good dope manner, the super writer you are! As always, PLL, CordieB.

@SanityFound. Thanks lil sis. You’ve been there since the beginning of blog life for me. I’m blessed for the kinship! PLL, CordieB

@Surface Earth. Thank You. But, it’s not my creation. Isn’t that drawing cool. click on the credit and give the artist a thumbs up if you get a chance.

@LostWidow. Thanks sis. You know I’ve always felt a connection to you from the first time I read your blog. I feel you feel the same. Feels good to snip . . . . PLL, as always . . .

@Sorrow. Thank You. Yours was one of the blogs I missed; I’m glad you’ve decided to continue sharing of your wise, humourous, and life-skilled words with us.

@GypsyHeart. Thanks Gypsy. I love coming over to Gypsy Heart’s and finding a beautiful painting along with spirit nourturing words to accompany the fine art! Butterfly kisses to you girl!

@Paisley. Yeah, blessing or curse, you are always welcome! I’m honored you feel at home, because I certainly feel at home at your place. Thanks for your beautiful, hauntingly truthful, creative energy. Keep your creative light shining woman! PLL . . .


  cordieb wrote @

@All. Thanks for your love. I’ve left individual comments above. PLL . . . CordieB.

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