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Who am I – or – who I am

My kindred sister, LostWidow , wrote this piece a few days ago after reading a recent post which shared several writers’ verses relating to "self" and who we are .  I was so touched by her writing that I asked her If I could share her beautiful poem with you here.  She kindly said yes. . . I know you will find truth and insight in her words, as I did.  

©2008 ~JDInfuser  on Deviant Art

Who am I – or – who I am ~By Lost Widow

who am I i read in a blog today, a snake, a sister, a sloth… no none of these

I am the same person always but forever changing

so then if i am fluid can i be tacked down by a label

and if i am not, how do i define self

self, a matter ever fleeting, yet so seemingly sedentary at times


just moving through space or making a difference

do tossed pebbles in the ocean really become the surf on the other end

or do the rocks just sink, blending amoung all the others

grey-brown rounded edges of normalcy

or maybe they just made the endless depths of the sea, that much closer to standing on

~Written by Lostwidow

Awsome!     Thanks G for sharing this with us!  Peace, Light and Love, Cordieb. 


  paisley wrote @

excel;lent choice of pieces to share,, i wanna head over and have a look see at her page…

  Hayden Tompkins wrote @

I love the take on the butterfly/chaos theory. Thank you for sharing!

  dumakey wrote @

great words..! I am liking your blog a lot, added you to my blog roll thing hope that ok!

  SanityFound wrote @


  GezG wrote @

How awesome is this…
Love right back at ya sister…
my husbands been tumbliing around upstairs lately, more words coming soon, i assume

  cordieb wrote @

G, when did you get married again?

  cordieb wrote @

G. you write so poetically at times; that I forget to look deeper into your words; disregard the last question; I understand. PLL, CordieB.

  lostwidow wrote @

ah, yes… i often asume as well, that people see the thoughts in my mind the same way as i when i speak of them… often not so the cse, perhaps a bit more clarity, eh? at anyrate… thank you

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