Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

Day Dreaming

Photo courtesy of khalid almasoud under a Creative Commons License
I feel I want to escape today
to a place of quietness; unknown – faraway
to a place where everyone are strangers
but life is free of present dangers

Today I wish I could just simply go
To a private beach where the warm winds blow
To a place where the seagulls fly free in the air
Where tranquil anonymity is everwhere

I’d love to gaze at the moon by the sea
Enhale the vast beauty of eternity
Make love to a stranger on the white sands of time
Laugh with the children and sing children’s rhymes

Paint a picture of love on a landscape of peace
Where people feel love from the west to far east
Gaze at the sunrise while laying on the grass
Completely nude; as the wind softly kisses my ass

Alas, I’m not in that magical place by the sea
But it’s magical to temporarily escape from normality
Where I’m at peace with all; and all is free
The daydream is over; back to reality

Written by CordieB.






  Amber wrote @

Cordie… you have an open invitation to my home any time… I have what you seek 🙂

  Sorrow wrote @

Nothing like a good bit of rest, and then a little more rest…

  gypsy-heart wrote @

Sounds perfect CordieB!!
May your dream become your reality!! 🙂

Love and light to you!

  SanityFound wrote @

This is beautiful sis, absolutely beautifuls! Ah the sea is the same for you and I. Close your eyes then first wiggle your toes imagining the sand is under your feet. Then imagine your fingers are running through the sand as well. Slowly the sound of the waves crashing so close come to you, you can feel the cool air on your skin and finally you can smell the beach, everything around you. Such amazing peace fills you from head to toe. No one can touch in that space ever, the beach is always with you. It is my sanctuary.

  brightlightwarriornika wrote @

lovely! I must say you had me daydreaming with a smile 😀

lots of love

  paisley wrote @

i find myself enjoying the dreams state offered by sleep for just these reasons.. there i can and do live in this world of fantasy…

this was lovely…

  Author wrote @

Beautiful writing from your soul.

You can share my beach any day soul sister. You will hear the seagulls cry and the soft lap of the water as the tide comes in. Today the sky is blue and the sun will touch you with it’s warming rays.

If you lived near, we’d walk the beach together and talk. Oh how we’d talk.

Take care.

  Haven for Cordie … « A Curious State of Affairs … wrote @

[…] is especially for Cordie who is finding the path of life difficult to tread at the moment. Do share my beach Cordie, even […]

  CuriousC wrote @

I love your writing.

  cordieb wrote @

@Ambermoon. Thanks for the invitation; I may take you up on that one day. A weekend get away would be nice some day. I have a clean record; other than a speeding ticket back in ’84. lol. PLL, CordieB.

@ Sorrow. Rest and Relaxation is needed to to rejuvinate the spirit and heart. PLL, CordieB.

@GypsyHeart. Love and Light to you too. From knowing you, I know it gets better. Thanks for sharing enough to let me know that.

@SanityFound. I’ve done the imagination thing, and happy to report is does work. But reading your funny stuff works even better some days. PLL, CordieB.

@BrightLightNika. Keep smiling – tis beautiful. I’m glad to see your presense today.

@Paisley. Ainit it the truth. “And sleeps the only freedom that she knows. . . ” love that line – find it most truthful on many days. PLL. CordieB.

@Author. I’d love to walk and talk the beach with you soul sister. We’re friends through miles apart. It feels good. PLL, Cordieb.

@Curious C. Thanks C. I love your writing too . . . and I love your presense here too. Peace, Light and Love. . . Cordieb.

  marielsgarden wrote @

Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem Cordie. I found your site thru “Author” and I’m with her in offering you my prayers for your peace and strength during these rough times.


  angryafrican wrote @

Beautiful. Just beautiful. I have my place. And I am lucky. I get there every evening when I get home.

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