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A Spiritual Riddle – The Most Demon-Like Spirit of All Times

Photo courtesy of daphid and is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Some say I’m the most demonic-like spirit of all times;

I have been responsible for a many cacoethes crimes.

I’m the most wrathful spirit known to touch the hearts of men

If not put in check, I can cause all types of vengeful sin.

My rampant rage is likened to a storm weathered battered sea;

My face can become so distorted, you would not even recognize me.

I am red, blue hot; flaming fierier than hell in a forest fire;

I am truly not myself; and you know what?. . . the devil truly is a liar!

I am completely irrational; incoherrent, and out of control;

My emotional complexities reach down to the depths of the very soul;

Don’t come near me; don’t look at me, don’t dare say one word.

Because, I can only hear my own anger and my vision is blurred.

I’m sometimes tamed and charmed by sensual music; a little wine and dance;

But, If I were the object of my desire, I would not even take that chance.

My eyes are bloodshot red with a glimmer of green, and I tremble from inside;

There’s a thin line between love and hate; but it’s not love; perhaps hateful pride.

Whatever it is, take heed my love–for you have been forwarned!

Don’t touch me; Stay your distance; Run for cover, I am the spirit of . . . (Click below for the answer)

A Woman Scorned!  
By CordieB.

(If you said jealousy – I’ll accept that as a correct answer too)

But Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!  

Woman, if you ever feel these emotions, listen to some music, because music has charms to soothe a savage beast .  Once you have calmed down, love yourself out of that relationship (unless you have that type of understanding with your man) and that’s cool too.  To each his or her own.   Remember, you are a diamond and men will only do what they know you will accept.   If you decide to take him back; remember, you have set the path, should he wander again.  Somewhere in the relationship, you have subconsciously put the idea in his head that you are accepting to this type of behavior.  Say what you mean, and mean what you say!  Period. 

Always remember, nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists!  (A Course in Miracles)

Peace, Light and Love,


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  marlajayne wrote @

You’re so right: The devil IS a liar: I just reread parts of C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters in which he reminds his readers of this right in the beginning of the book.

Amen to the jealousy thing. It can be a poisonous emotion with the power to destroy relationships. Isn’t it weird how emotions can override thoughts??

  enreal wrote @

I felt the energy here… well written… how did you manage to capture the emotions so well? Kudos 😉

The last line reminded me of this so I share it with you… Peace Cordie have a terrific weekend

  Glenn wrote @

I do hear where you’re coming from Cordieb. Yet there are many men — yours truly included — that are quite sensitive and deep, not to mention emotionally available.

I also find that jealousy and anger completely mess up my energy field. They seem to be emotions that are all-encompassing, quite overwhelming at that.

There are times I become obsessed with them, and no effort on my part can just make them dissipate. This is true suffering, so much so it has caused me to take a look at how I perceive and respond to certain triggers.

  cordieb wrote @

@Glenn. I did not mean to infer that men are not sensitive – this post was meant to be somewhat humorous and enligtning.

I simply wanted to stress how jealousy can control the mind and body to the extremes. We really need to check it realize what it is and not let it consume us. Jelousy can make you see things that are not there, literally. I’ve been there. I now have to remind myself that everthing in life changes, including human minds. And that I only draw to me that which I am, although it may not be revealed to me yet.

Jelousy has nothing at all to do with love; its another form of wanting control and self imposed insecurities.

You said, “There are times I become obsessed with them, and no effort on my part can just make them dissipate. This is true suffering, so much so it has caused me to take a look at how I perceive and respond to certain triggers.” That’s a good way to deal with it; because if we think we’ve mastered something, it often comes and bites us right where it hurts! Thanks for the advice.

Just finished visiting your site – It’s on point!

  Glenn wrote @

I hear you Cordie. I have also responded to your posts on both on sites. When you get a minute, check out the post I wrote last Friday about MLK.

  cordieb wrote @

@MarlaJayne – I’ve got to check out C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters – We usually like the same kinds literature. That Jealousy thing can be quite overpowerful, but only if we allow it. It’s all about choices; and that’s one that gets us into trouble every time. Usually, it overwhelmes us before we can acknowlege and check it.

@Enreal- Thanks for the kudos. I can still remember that energy – not a good feeling in the least. It feels good to be able to remember it and not be in that state of mind. That video was cool. Real funky, that Prince is. I would have have used it on the post, had I knew it existed. Thanks for hipping me. Cool.

  brightlightwarriornika wrote @

Thank you Cordie for sharing! Much needed

Love and light Sis

  SanityFound wrote @

Love this sis, so apt and true, relates well to the snakes I wrote about if you think about it. Both the jealousy and the woman scorned. Excellent my talented sister excellent!

  vanessaleighsblog wrote @

Cordie: Fabulous post; and thank you for your honesty…..these two sections of your above comments strike me as much as the post itself:

“And that I only draw to me that which I am, although it may not be revealed to me yet. ”
SO TRUE this is! I have learned many lessons in this very week, about friendship, boundaries, and yes, snakes, that has helped me to understand the part I myself play in bringing that energy to me…….

“Jelousy has nothing at all to do with love; its another form of wanting control and self imposed insecurities.”
And, again, a truism indeed. I think somewhere along the line, many of us come to believe that control somehow shows intense love for another; that jealousy is flattering; when in actuality, it is yet another way to not let each of us be who we are meant to be…..

I hope that your soul is healing some; I am sending you much light, hugs, and peace Cordie B! Vanessa

  gypsy-heart wrote @

Ah yes jealousy!! ‘Tis a poison for sure..especially for the one feeling it …eh?
I say move on if someone doesn’t connect with you anymore..don’t waste the time or energy!

You are amazing how you weave your words CordieB!!

Thanks for sharing.

Good and creative energies and peace of heart to you!

Ps it was good to see Glenn’s words on here. I will try to get over to his site later to read his post.

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