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Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

The Saddest Thing I’ve Ever Learned

Abuse by ~xchildofvasolinex on deviant ART

When I was a girl

I would sit and listen to my auntees

and other older woman talk

about having to marry men they did not love

and how they eventually "learned to love."

I thought that was about the saddest

thing that anyone could ever do;

to marry someone and have to "learn to love"

was, in my opinion, the most sadistic,

most saddest, existence I could imagine . . .

until I grew up and I married

a knight in shining armour . . .

who turned out to be

a nightmare in shining armour . . .

and I began to . . .

"Learn to Hate"

~Written by CordieB

P.S.  This is in the past. . . We divorced years ago. . .

For information on Domestic Violence, visit TallT’s Blog .  She, painfully, yet bravely, tells her story and reaches out to anyone who may be living in this sad and dangerous situation.  She is a trooper who also was able to bravely walk   run away and awaken from a nightmare in shining armour.


  SanityFound wrote @

Cordie I admire your bravery for times gone past and times present, times to come. Yes it may be in the past but the lessons are with you to this day. I can’t tell you enough how sad I am that you went through this, hell. You are an incredible person with such a true spirit, everything I guess does happen for a reason otherwise we would never be here! Sorry off topic I know.
Beautifully written as always – perhaps I need sleep for a change lol MWAH!

  Tall T wrote @

Nightmare in Shining Armor….

What an honest and truthful play on words.

That is exactly what they are…aren’t they?

  whypaisley wrote @

truer words girl have never been spoken… i want married to him thank god,, but i loved that man so much it almost killed both of us….

in addition, i just want to let you know i am posting my new poetry on justpaisley…. now, and i sure would love it if you came over and had a look….

  Johnny Peepers wrote @

I echo the sentiments of the previous comment writers. Cordie, your life-generated poetry is very moving and inspirational. For many, the auto response is the roll up caterpillar defense mechanism. That is a good position to die in, but not to keep on living.

  SanityFound wrote @

Sorry Cordie I waffled so bad in that comment, that image threw me in a slight spin. The sentiment is the same. I am proud of who you are, proud to know someone as brave as you to have gotten out of that, the poem is beautiful. *huge hugs* to you my sister.

  Author wrote @

Cordie, you write beautifully and from the soul; it is truly inspirational.

  Hayden Tompkins wrote @

Wow, just…wow. That’s exactly it. Beautiful

  Sorrow wrote @

wish I could find the words..
Thank you Cordie.

  glaize wrote @

Eventually learned to love…it is sweet to

Have to learned to love…harsh but still sweet if successfully done

Knight in shining armour, oh lo, if only the Nightmare in you was apparent before…

Learning to hate…may very well be devastative but you are one brave soul, Cordie, among the rest who have walked before you – to walk out of such a web…may those who are walking in the web realize the lessons here..

Beautiful, as always 🙂

  (AR) What Are the Odds? Part One « wrote @

[…] fact, I thought I could just go steady with someone and learn to love him in time. Yes, go ahead and sue me for my gracious […]

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