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As I Was Going to See Saint I’s


Afro American Girl literally by ~madhatter-asylum on deviant ART

As I was going to see Saint I’s

I met a woman by big surprise!

Who shocked me when I realized

That she was not as saintly as she’d surmised


As I was going to see Saint I’s

I met a woman who’d cheated and lied

Who’d broken many promises in life . . .

and caused hearts to break; causing toil and strife


As I was going to see Saint I’s

I met a broken-hearted woman with blackened eyes

Who’d allowed destructive relationships to take its toll

On her body; her mind; damn near her soul!


As I was going to see Saint I’s

I met a woman with many nights of cries

Though many were brought upon herself . . .

she often blamed Saint Someone Else


As I was going to see Saint I’s

I soon become to realize

how Saint I’s choices help prophesize

her destiny and life’s Karmic reprise


As I was going to see Saint I’s

I begin to forgive past and future hurts and lies

I forgave Saint I’s for her saintly disguise

To Saints lack and fear, I gladly said my goodbyes


As I finally arrived to see Saint I’s

I met Saints Love , Forgiveness , Courage, Truth and Wise

Five beautiful spirits; in motion; yet spiritually still

These saints introduced me to Saint "Free Will "


As I was getting to better know Saint I’s

I became increasingly mesmerized by her changed demise

Forgiveness of self and others helped her to arrive and arise

Courage and Truth began to replace those fears and lies

Love began to clear up those bloodshot eyes . . .


In time Saint I’s lost her Saintly hood

Life started flowing like God intended it should

Her cup ran over with a cloudy, yet rainbowed sky

Thus, she dropped the Saint and became simply I


Love, Hatred, Courage, Fear, Truth and Lies . . . .

How many were going to see Saint I’s?


~Written by I (CordieB)


  paisley wrote @

and i am ever so glad that she made it to the realization that being “I” is ever so much more saintly than being “sainted”…. i was so connected in the beginning,, i wanted to cry out,,, but i turned around in the end!!!!

didn’t have to … you did that for me….

  cordieb wrote @

@Paisley. My own demons were the hardest to conquor. With Love, Truth, forgiveness, and courage, I became wiser. A hard lesson; but well worth the lesson. Self forgiveness is the hardest – but without it we end up doing more of the same – I’m still growning though. I have a long journey ahead of me; but tis worth the journey. I hope you realize how your words help me in my realization. PLL, CordieB.

  SanityFound wrote @

You know above the fact that I love the word sanity for many reasons other than the obvious. Ultimately we must just be, without all of the other stuff, without all of the emotions, be our core, who we really are.
I often think of it as if we are in 2D floating, the emotions and our other stuff makes us 3D.

Beautiful poem Cordie, wows!

  glaize wrote @

Ah, this is so beautiful!

Saint no more, simply but I
embraced by Forgiveness
hand in hand with Courage
knowing Truth
jeweled with Wisdom
cradled in Love’s lullaby
Saint no more, simply but I
yet now, the soul is pure

Thank you, Cordie. You’re amazing!

  Hayden Tompkins wrote @

This poem is wonderful!

  cordieb wrote @

@(In)Sanity Found. Thanks dearest lil sis. You are so real it’s sometiems scary. You do know that the poem’s title was Saint I’s not Sanity I’s. Lol. You said, “I often think of it as if we are in 2D floating, the emotions and our other stuff makes us 3D.” So beautifully spoken – again so real and honest. Blessing of butterfly kisses of love to you . . . CordieB.

@Glaize. It is you who I must thank. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift of words with me so often; I know you miss the riddles – I promise I will write some more – PLL, CordieB.

@PI. Thanks PI. This has been a rocky week for a lot of us, I think. My latest post might get you started for a dancing weekend full of fun and love. PLL, CordieB.

  SanityFound wrote @

You are kidding I swear it was called Sanity I’s hmph must be my faulty eyeballs or my mind that just makes everything sanity lol! Thanks sis butterfly thingies to you to and the rest of the bunch as well, I really am blessed to know some amazing people, am honoured to have you as my big sis!

  cordieb wrote @

@SanityFound. I think you read this one during one of those blinky trying to keep your eyes open moments, since our times are so different – lol. When I first read the comment a couple of days ago, my first response was -I’m not sure where the sanity is corrolated, but its all good. So I just thought I’d ask. It’s all good, saint or sanity! PLL, CordieB.

  SanityFound wrote @

its one of those moments… my eyeballs are literally closing but a question… were the saints sane or were the insane? For surely they found sanity? silly Q but when I was a kid this made sense in my mind.

They were called Saints because they found Sanity… Mwah nn (nite nite)

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