Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

The Sands of Ebony Time

The Sands of Ebony Time, Photo Courtesy of CordieB and G; AKA GLove

The Sands of Ebony Time Shows on My Face
The bitter – sweetness of life and love leaves its trace
From whence an infant of purity and subtle innocence
To the ageless beauty of a woman’s essense
The lines shown around my deep brown eyes
Map a life of much laughter, joys and cries
My hands are wearing down like melten butter
From years of living love; caring for self and others

The expressions on my face reflect so clear
Wisdom and insight gained throughout the years
Living and loving through thick and thin
Embracing God’s grace and mercy of love within

Sharing my gift of love with countless souls
Experiencing the allness of life as time takes its toll
On the temporary shell for my spirit as life’s novel reveals
More mysteries for the heart; if my Creator so wills

Reeping the blessing of so many souls
Gracious of the puzzle that makes life whole
For me as the time passes so quickly it seems
Like only yesterday, I dreamth my very first dreams

As the sands of time harmonize with the winds of fate
that causes all soul’s shells to disinigrate and dissipate
but love and the inner soul survives, energizes and recreates
Thus the cycle of life recycles to invigorate . .

The newborne babe who starts life anew
Through his eyes and cries he reaches out to me and you.
In the eyes of the young we realize life’s wonders beginning again;
Awsomely, were all intricately weaved in a bigger plan . . .

To ensure that love for life continues on . . .
By sharing love, wisdom and knowlege when we inspire and pass on. . .
the Hands of Ebony Time’s blessed love-life seed
To all kindred spirits whose souls we feed.

~Written By CordieB.

PS.  If you read this on my pictorial blog; it has changed somewhat.  Of course I didn’t change one of my most dearest reader’s favorite line in the poem.  I write this to remind us that although age takes its toll on the body, love and time makes the spirit stronger indeed.  Pass on your love and embrace the love of others to ensure that your spirit remains strong yet gentle.  For one sweet day when the spirit’s shell is ready for rest, you will find peace, joy and comfort in the love you’ve given and received. 

Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.



  rawdawgbuffalo wrote @

that pic looks like it could be your spirit

  SanityFound wrote @

It is her spirit that is what makes it so beautiful. Cordie it is late here and my eyes are tired but they aren’t mistaken when thoughts of “wow this woman is incredible” and “I am truly honoured to have someone like this in my life” come to mind. This is not only incredible it is poetic art timeless beyond generations.

You blow me away, thanks for sharing this hun, wows!

  glaize wrote @

As always, Cordie, you’re a blessed one.

Age works the body
tires it down for what may be
eternal slumber
Yet baths the soul in Love for what may be
eternal joy
which in Time it will come

Ah, how you beautiful souls never cease to make me feel grateful I’ve known you as I take fresh steps in the real world


  glaize wrote @

…perhaps you should check your spam box again this time…

  CordieB wrote @

@RawdawgB. Indeed it is a good reflection of how my spirit feels as of late. Thanks dawg. Pll, CordieB.

@ISF. I know the feeling of being sleepy. Thanks for the kind words as always Dalink! The feelins are mutual. PLL, CordieB.

@Glaize. My goodness girlie, I’m not sure why you end up in my spam; Perhaps your stuff is so juicy, it has to be approved first. Beautiful words dearest; very simple yet profound. I’ll have to add to my favorite quotes. It would go well under this picture or another as an inspirational message too! Thanks for the love. PLL, CordieB. BTW, did you see my little poem on your blog?

  Grace wrote @

Oh, this is SO true, Cordie.

You know, sometimes when I look in the mirror, it’s hard not to bemoan the effect that gravity and time are having on my body.

But then I look up into my eyes, and see how “high” I’ve been raised – by the events in my life – and you know what?

I wouldn’t trade my wisdom and experiences for a “younger’ body for the world! (youth really IS wasted on the young! lolol)

hugs..AND thank you!!

  paisley wrote @

for some reason the beautiful spirit of your acceptance,, even welcoming age and its accompanying wisdom made me realize, how i am not alone in this journey… sometimes i so forget i am not the only one getting older…. somehow it isn’t so scary knowing you are going there with me…


  vanessaleighsblog wrote @

Cordie: Your words absolutely astound me and speak to me; the idea of the body aging, but the spirit and love living on. My spirit remains so free, even when my body stops responding in the way that I remember……. thank you for letting me know it is just the natural part of the process of being human…… Peace to you, Vanessa PS Do you like my new blog changes?

  glaize wrote @

I have, Cordie 😀 and thank you for the wonderful words. I did comment on it :]

  gypsy-heart wrote @

I couldn’t decide where to leave you a note for as usual all of your words are magical. You continue to amaze me!

I especially related to your words here..mirrors of each other we are on this journey. I love this age too..even my silver streaks in the front.

I know as time passes I will be come more invisible..attention belongs to the young. Yet, invisibility has it own powers…like the wind. My life lessons have taught me when to be gentle like a soft breeze…or a force to be reckoned with…like a hurricane. hee,hee

I am so happy our circles intertwined dear CordieB!

[…] often we believe we don’t deserve the good things life throws our way forgetting that there is a Time for Lessons and a time to just be happy, live and be free.  Happy being of course the fact […]

  Мужские сумки wrote @

Хм… Мне пригодится…

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