Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.


A poet friend of mine, Paisley,   introduced me to Cynthia, who’s blog, epiphany: amour habito intus vos, graces the blog world with luscious “poemflesh ” every day, ( and will continue to do so until the epiphany 2009 ).  Cynthia recently challenged her readers to create what she has christened an “ophelia poem ”.. her description of which, is as follows:
"seven to fourteen words, 2 lines, line 1 is the shortest. love, melancholia, romance, erotic, with a slightly dark edge."

Here is my version of the "Ophelia Poem."

Under the moonlight, she seduced him . . .
with her lips . . .tempting him to bite into her red painted succulence.


If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged.

P.S.  This really did happen on my first date with G.  LoL



  enreal wrote @

Hauntingly beautiful… so few words with brilliant intensity

  whypaisley wrote @

i love it.. i have been working with lips in somethings i am pondering the last few days…

  Amber wrote @

oh heck noooooooooooo. I leave the creative stuff to you guys. I just enjoy.

Yours however is awesome and beautiful as always!

  Joy wrote @

This is truly beautiful.

  vanessaleighsblog wrote @

Absolutely beautiful! I have to think on this one, Cordie, to be tagged…….. you definitely are gifted, thanks for sharing!!!

  Sue Ann Edwards wrote @

I read your ‘riddle’ and I don’t think I obeyed the rules. However, this is what came out…

I will never get from others
the Wholeness that I seek, which is the one thing I make of myself.

{{{{hugs}}}} cordieb!!!

  SanityFound wrote @

Wows love you line hmm not really good with words so will have to think on this one hun!

  CordieB wrote @

@Enreal. Thanks Dearest. I need to learn to keep them short; I get carried away sometimes. PLL, CordieB.

@Paisley. So strange that we so often are thinking on the same lines. Peace to you, kindred spirit. PLL, CordieB

@Thanks Ambermoon. I do wish you would try it. It’s a short one. You’d do great- I can feel it! PLL, CordieB.

@Joy. Thanks dearest. I’m glad you liked it. PLL, Cordieb.

@Thanks Vanessa – I hope you’ll grap the tag . . . Can’t wait to see what your creative mind conjures. PLL, CordieB.

@Sue Anne. Do please tell me which riddle you are speaking of. At any rate, your interpretation holds true for all of life’s riddles – all the time. {{Hugs}} PLL, CordieB.

@SanityFound. “Not good with words.” Tell that to another Jackson hun! I’m sure you’ll come up with something with that brillian mind of yours.

  SanityFound wrote @

I second, Ambermoon dear you have a gift with words…

(did me focusing on Amber distract you from mine???)

  Hayden Tompkins wrote @

Oh MY, Cordie. Work that English language, RWAR!

Great poem.

  cordieb wrote @

@ISF. “(did me focusing on Amber distract you from mine???)” Me no understand. Dearest ISF, please explain; you know how slow I am sometimes. Did I say something wrong? In case you misunderstood me – I responded to you saying you weren’t good with words with, “”Tell that to another Jackson.” Which means, tell that to someone as naive as the Jackson Five, michael jackson or janet jackson (A dry joke indeed). And then I said I know that you will come up with something brilliant with that brilliant mind of yours. I’m lost here dearest. Mwah!

@Hayden Tompkins. Thanks PI! PLL, CordieB.

  SanityFound wrote @

Not slow at all, I get confusing to myself sometimes!

Soz you I was trying to avoid doing the poem because I became stuck so I wanted to distract you from the fact that I haven’t done it by bringing up Amber… sly tactics

Love the saying re Jackson am going to have to use it big sis 😀

  cordieb wrote @

@ISF. Ok I get it now. But no. . . I await patiently for yours. Now that you’ve tried to slick me; your tag is not without obligation! I will ban you from my blog if it is not done in 2 weeks. Lol – No blogging without obligation for you lil sis. Oh my, I forgot I own you a couple of tags . . . hopefully this will distract you from discovering which one’s I haven’t completed. Slick huh? PLL, CordieB.

  Herman Najoli wrote @

I’ve never been one to wax poetic but I appreciate your visit to my soul’s cafe, EPIC FLOW. I look forward to continued interaction as we both brew dew for thirsty souls in a weary land. Keep the brew going!

  cordieb wrote @

@Herman Najoli. Welcome! Most of my readers are not into “wax poetic” but they endure my nuances to visit every so often and leave a word or two of encouragement or laughter. Thanks for visiting! PLL, CordieB.

  SanityFound wrote @

Hmmm I think I now know which sibling I got my “slickness” from lol … now that you remind me my dear, how are those tags doing???

  CordieB wrote @

@SF. I’ll have one for you before week’s end. You know how slow I am (lol). PLL, CordieB.

  Cynthia wrote @

Hello Cordie, wonderful to meet you & read your lovely, sensual Ophelia poem. Your
blog is amazing!

  G wrote @

Hello all. I’m the lip biter. Today I had a revelation about the lip biting on our first date incident. Well, today I found out that I was seduced into biting Ms B’s beautiful lips. I didn’t understand why I did it other than reverting back to little boys in school pulling the little girl hair…..lol, but guess what. I think thats what mad her fall so deeply in love with me…..lol. Try it might work for u all too. Thats a load off my mind. I was embarrassed by that action, now I have been exonerated, we vibe so well I just accommodated her desire. Thank you baby for clearing my good name……lol. My mine is clear.

  cordieb wrote @

Oh G. The jury still is out on that verdict my love. Love Ya with all my lip and soul! CordieB.

  Gee wrote @

You know better the verdict handed down before we left work, remember my lawyer argued and won the verdict based on quantum physics….lol
Love you Baby.

  rawdawgbuffalo wrote @

paisly is my folk too

  cordieb wrote @

I know. Isn’t she talented! She weaves beautiful words! I found her when visiting your blog. Thanks for the igcognito introduction Dawg! We both know good peeps when we read them! PLL, CordieB.

  glaize wrote @

I was really busy with church stuffs lately and just got back after a while (about 2-3days). I’ve some catching up to do.

The lines are brilliant! Seducing indeed, if I was a guy…luckily I’m not.

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