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InSanity Found Proverb of the Month

I was inspired by AmberMoon this morning to create and offer the InSanity Found Proverb of the Month Calendar to all who are interested.  It’s free; it’s fun.  And, it’s featuring our beloved blogger, (In)Sanity Found , doing one of the things she loves most–Sending us loads of inspiration!  Here is the link!  http://www.flickr.com/photos/cordieb/2672569130/sizes/m/

Here is a small preview! 



  Amber wrote @

*Stands up and Applauds* Beautiful! That is so funny!!!!! She’s gonna absolutely die when she sees it….

Girl… you are so one of us… lol!!!!!! I just want to give you a hug!

  glaize wrote @

Oooh ~ this is wonderful! Can I print it out, pretty please??? *puppy eyes*

  Cordieb wrote @

@Ambermoon. Girl you made me laugh so hard this morning when I saw that photo – I just had to carry it on . . . lol. Glad you like it!

@Glaize. Print it out and post it all around – it’s quite inpirational; don’t you think? lol. Glad you like!

  SanityFound wrote @

Seeeee why I shouldn’t sleeeeeeeep! You lot are just to much for me, am sitting in bed still laughing till I cry, tears streaming down my cheeks oh boy! That proverb rofl!

Thanks so much for this Cordie, you are too funny phew!

Soooo dear CordieB what is your favourite animal… do share 🙂

  deepsm25 wrote @

Way to go!! Fantastic….so apt!

The calendar will outselll all the other calendars for the year! Fantastic Cordie!

[…] InSanity Found Proverb of the Month […]

  CordieB wrote @

@Deeps. Thanks Deeps. That calendar will aide many smokers I hope. Only ISF has the power to encourage people to stop bad habits! She’s so special. PLL, CordieB.

@ISF. I’m glad you are laughing. You may as well go stock up on energy drinks – I dare ya to sleep! Mwah! PLL, CordieB.

  SanityFound wrote @

Ooo the fridge is now fully stocked with Orange juice and red bulls!!! Gosh you really had me giggling the whole day – now that is two days straight for me, yip firm stomach coming along nicely! Thanks again dahlink, it was beautifuls! Hows the wheels?

  cordieb wrote @

@SF. The wheels are great; although a little bumpy at times. Oh well, I kind of like a bumpy road sometimes; smooth sailing is not really my cup of tea all the time. Gotta have a little drama mixed in! PLL, CordieB.

  rawdawgbuffalo wrote @

that looks like me on the pic lol

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