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Archive for June 27, 2008

Holding on does not equate to love. . .

There are times when loving someone means we must let them go.  It is not healthy or productive to remain in a relationship that makes you happy sometimes; sad most of the time.  Yet, we hang on.  We hang on believing that something bad will happen to that person if we let him or her go.  That is the ego telling us what we want to hear.  We hang on in fear that no one else will love them or us the way we want to be loved.  This time the ego is telling us that we are not good enough.  We hang on because we don’t know who or what may come along.  We believe there is a lack of available mates.  We hang on wishing, hoping, trying to make it work — afraid it will not.  When a relationship is over, it is over; but the love can live on.  Loving someone means you want him or her to be happy.  If that person can be happy without you, love enough to let go.