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Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

The Doll House

There is nothing as sad, I’ve ever known

As living in a house that’s no longer a home

To go through weeks with the daily pleasantrys

In states of low-keyed fear and pretentious affinities

To move through tension that can be cut with a knife

Unable to release words of truth in daily strife

The hushfullness and stillness of every glance

The unheard music; the restricted dance

The bitterness of the all consumed

The lonliness of the untouched rooms

The hovering of a haunting gloom . . .

The depressed family; low-spirited lovers

Who have lost the capacity to communite with each other

The silent voices that pierce the ears

The yearning eyes dropping unseen tears

The constant state of unspoken fears . . .

Through the days, through the weeks, that turn to years

The laughter that long ago turned into unheard cries

Unhappy memories magically turned to good times in disguise

Family secrets lurking from the walls and floors

And closets which will forever have unopened doors

The looking back with a silent sigh . . .

When you ask yourself – a simple, why?

There is nothing as sad, I’ve yet to know

As a house that’s not a home – but merely a show

By CordieB.





  Amber wrote @

Cordie… I hope you don’t mind, but this poem was simply written for a girlfriend of mine. I always refer to her as the tree. I am going to send it to her. It is so true….

Thank you for your brilliance once again.. your beacon of light showing us all the way home.

@Ambermoon. Thanks – of course you may use anything on my blog! PLL, CordieB

  paisley wrote @

i so agree,, i have been in this place too many times,, and living alone is the only answer for me….

you really did a great job on this.. it was so intimate i felt he unease and frustration all over again….

@Paisley. Thanks for the good vibe – pll, CordieB

  Glenn wrote @


It is unfortunate that this has occurred to far too many people in our society for generations.

Chidren are born with a clean mind and are naturally anxious to explore it. They unconditionally love and trust people.

Then by the time they are three and could talk and understand, their minds begin to become polluted with the horrors of this world. It is then, they begin gravitating from that doll house to the misery of the reality of our society they had nothing to do in creating.

@Glenn. So true Glenn. Not exactly my intent on this poem; but I do know of what you speak – it is also very sad. The cycle must be broken – and let it begin in me. PLL, CordieB. BTW –

  Author wrote @


The words of this poem are so true, so from the heart and soul – forgive me for being nosey – but it has so much verisimilitude that I suspect you must have live through this …

I certainly have – which is why it struck such a chord for me.

When my first marriage was breaking up it felt just like this:

“There is nothing as sad, I’ve ever known
As living in a house that’s no longer a home”

It’s strange what makes a house, a home. It certainly isn’t the bricks and mortar, nor yet the furniture and brick-a-brack, nor is it the personal belongings – it’s far more than that.

It’s about the mutual love, the energy, the caring, the sharing, the intimacy …. the belonging, and more ….

@Author – “It’s about the mutual love, the energy, the caring, the sharing, the intimacy …. the belonging, and more ….” So true. Thanks for sharing and lending a bit of your wisdom these last few days. PLL, CordieB.

  Author wrote @

PS: Do e-mail me for the link to the secret post – I’d like to share my confession with you.

  SanityFound wrote @

Cordie, it feels as though you are opening up like a flower in bloom – why I feel this I do not know, I can’t describe it, all I can say is that its beautiful and I feel your light all the way in Africa.

Thank you for sharing this one, I am blessed to have been able to read it! Thanks!

@SanityFound – You know more about me than most of my blog friends – I’m happy to know you are there. Thanks for the support and the continued laughs – I feel as if I’ve known you all my life. PLL, CordieB.

  SurfaceEarth wrote @


I’m stopping in for your presence, not your words, this evening. Hope you don’t mind. I like the energy you bring here, and sometimes, words can blur that (not yours of course! but sometimes, I simply like to enjoy the simple essence!)

Just stopping in to wish you well. S.E.

@SE. Thanks for stopping in and the well wishes. I had written another reply once; but because it was mixed with sadness and alcohol; I certainly had to retrack it – quite embarrassing and not really my real thoughts. Alcohol and sadness do not mix well for me at all -way tooo sad and dramatized (don’t blog drunk!)- anywho – thanks for the the kind words and do come back for the energy – soon it will get happier – wait and see! PLL, CordieB.

  Cordieb wrote @

@Surface Earth. I feel that you must feel my emotions and my pain. I feel your love and I need it at this time and am grateful. I may sound confusing. . . . but I am . .. but I’m so glad that you just stoped by; you may have saveed my life. Love a person you really do not know fully, but feel my pain, PLL to you and yours – thank you cordieb. Know that your words have not gone in vain —

  rawdawgbuffalo wrote @

have a great weekend
btw my dog for obama shirts in, chk my spot for a look if u can

@Rawdawgb. I’m on my over to get a look at those shirts today! Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

  psychscribe wrote @

“The unheard music, the restricted dance” – my favorite line- as usual powerful and touched me deep in my gut Cordie…I’ve been there…..

@Psychscribe. I’m glad to know you’ve come out of it – it gives me and many others hope. Thanks for sharing of yourself. If this is the lesson, then I must be in the learning challenged class for this subject – oh well. I’m still here! Feeling better today though! Thanks for the positive energy! PLL, Cordieb.

  gypsy-heart wrote @

Beautifully written CoridieB…though hauntingly so!

It is so true…I think it is even lonelier to be in a relationship like the one you described than to actually be alone!

Of course, I am speaking from my own experience. I walked away from such some years back…and I dare say ALL of us are happier for it.

I don’t know if your words are about you or someone else, but look for the door within those silent walls…you (or they) hold the key…go and don’t look back!

Sending you energies of love and light!

@Dearest Gypsy. Thanks for the loving energy as always. Unsureity is a Bitch; is it not? It is lonelier – how much of it do we bring upon ourselves. That is the question I ask myself – does it really matter? I know not the answers at this time. Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

  cordieb wrote @


  Amber wrote @

Cordie… if you remove this post…. Ill have to fly out to you and beat you myself!

This is a beautiful post. Its about your feelings, and what is going on for you. No one should tell you what to post in your personal space ever. And if they do, then are they really validating your feelings? Is this someone that you would want in your life?

People are selfish, they don’t want to be seen as the bad guy/girl. They would like to see themselves in the best light. Im sure that offense was taken – but tough. Its how YOU feel. And YOUR feelings are what this blog is about.

Im sending you love and strength gf. You know where to find me if you need a friend… Im there!

  SurfaceEarth wrote @

Ah well, perhaps it was nothing more than an outlet and you had the opportunity to strike the first version. Not so bad, right?

  cordieb wrote @

@Amber. No need to come beat me up. I have it passed word protected – I can republish if I want to. I’m flexible – bendable. I just don’t want to bend to the point that I snap! Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

@SurfaceEarth. So true! It’s just that it seems to help so many people out there too . . . In case you don’t realize – we’re talking about the post entitled “thoughts.” It’s not viewable anymore, to my knowledge. Peace, LIght and Love, CordieB.

  cordieb wrote @

@SE. Oh my. i think I see what you are talking about now. I thought I had disapproved that comment made under the influence- oh well – I’m sure others are out there who have felt the same. Yes, it was a moment of desperation! I’m just going to let the comment stay here now. It must have reappeared for a reason. It’s so funny that the darkness always turns into light eventually; that’s a good thing!- We just have to hold strong. You were definitely a light shiner for me that night. Again, thanks! Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

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