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Ten things you didn’t know about me

I have been tagged by my friend SanityFound to list 10 things you didn’t know about me.  Well, here goes. .

1.  I am still a virgin – I patiently await the end of menopause.

2.  I am the decendent of Martin Luther King, Thomas Jefferson and the Daily Guru.

3.  I am alergic to sun glasses.

4.  I still have not stop growing! 

5.  I have a shared skipe account with a South African princess.

6.  I ran for President back in ’79 – didn’t win.

7.  I never wear a watch.

8.  I can chew gum and walk at the same time – on occasions

9.  I can be funny, if you like dry jokes – or are able to read between the lines.

10.  I’m blessed to have met all of you! (But you may have already known that!)


Peace, Light and Love, Cordieb.



  Hayden Tompkins wrote @

“9. I can be funny, if you like dry jokes – or are able to read between the lines.”

Yes; I figured that one out reading some of your exchanges with JonnyPeepers!

  SanityFound wrote @

ROFL scary how alike we are phew, these are brilliant!!! Naturally my favourite is 5. I have a shared skipe account with a South African princess. 😀

  Author wrote @

Hmm, I’m reading between the lines, and enjoying the dry humour! LOL!

  rawdawgbuffalo wrote @

a virgin that ran for the presidency but did not win wow

  Tomas wrote @

Labutukas – that means Hi in Lithuania.
Your success in writing just 10 things about yourself talks eloquently about your creativity. Congratulations. Personally I could name jusy one – your visits to my blogs make my day . Thank you. I would like just one – I would like the sun would shine more frequently.
Wow, sorry for the weeping at the end.

  gypsy-heart wrote @

Wow…I am very impressed CordieB…but I already was!

I grew some too…I was 5′ 6.5″ for for years..now I am 5′ 7″ and I really think it is due to yoga!

I hope your heart is in a place of peace!

  SurfaceEarth wrote @

And what we think we know about you: you shine Divine energy, and for that, we are grateful.


  paisley wrote @

oh this was fun… and if number one is true,, you might wanna stop reading my blog…..LOL!!!!!

  CordieB wrote @

Hello All. Thanks for the fun and loving comments. For clarification I thought I should let you know . . .

1. Well I am still a Virgin, hence I have always lived in Virginia – I may leave when I’m 40 something – perhaps after going through menopause.

2. I am a decendent, indirectly of everyone and everthing – I am a decendent of God

3. I am allergic to sunglasses, as I strive to see the light! Don’t you?

4. I have not stop growing – I learn something new everyday – I grow in knowledge and understanding – don’t you?

5. I really do have a shared skipe account with a South African Princess.

6. I ran for class president back in ’79. I didn’t win, perhaps because I was still a virgin.

7. Not really true – I seldom wear a watch – I keep excellent time in my head.

8, 9, and 10 – Self explanatory –

Peace, Light and Love, Cordieb.

  SanityFound wrote @


Cordie how very odd but erm I understood each and every point in the post, you have an incredible wit and graphic play with words that I just adore – as you know I am abstract at the best of times.

Still love your answers – No 5 is still my favourite 🙂

  johnnypeepers wrote @

Thanks for for clearing that up cordie. I thought you was bull-blanking at first, very clever. I don’t wear no watches neither, cuz I am where I needs to be all the time.

  Grace wrote @

What a great way to get to know you better, Cordie 🙂

Now, wanna try running for President again? Why give up after only one go around? 😀

  cordieb wrote @

@Grace. lol. Might just do that once I am no longer a virgin. That in and of itself will most likely discourage me from wanting all the extra responsiblities. PLL, CordieB.

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