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Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

A Mid-Summer’s Night’s Dream

There is nothing so enchanting, I’ve ever seen

Than hanging out with the universe in a Mid-Summer Night’s Dream

As I drink a glass of wine with the Man in the Moon

We laugh, swing and dance to a joyous tune

We sway to the gentle melodys

Soon the stars join our midsummer night’s harmonies

The wind warmly joins with a gentle breeze

Oh my, look who came! It’s the dew drops and trees!

Nothing’s so peaceful, so delightful, so supreme . . .

As drinking wine with the universe, in a Midsummer Night’s Dream

~Dreamth By CordieB.

My friend SanityFound inspired me to write this poem. SanityFound often spends evenings conversing with the moon! I’ve joined her on some occasions! All are invited to come – Nothing’s as delightful! Also, this is a poem which accompanied my entry this week in Photo Friday.   The layout of this blog is not good for displaying photos.  The topic for this week is”Mid-summer’s Night Dream.”   Isn’t that just dreamy!  To see the photo and links to all Photo Friday entries for this week, click here!


  glaize wrote @

A magical night
Man in the Moon, how funny can you be?
Sister Wind’s so cool and kind
the smiling dew drops
and waving trees
oh they’re such a pretty sight

What a wonderful night
as seeing you my friend
getting along so well with Mother Night
now that’s what I call a Midsummer’s Night’s Dream!

P/S: I was watching from the lake nearby, dancing with the Fey folks. I knew you looked familiar :]

  SanityFound wrote @

It’s beautifuls Cordie such fun, will read it to the Man in the moon again tonight, last time he raised his glass to you and said “Bless you and miss you” He wasn’t slurring at that stage phew!

  Glenn wrote @

Awesome poem Cordie; It is a gift. I savored every word.

  christmas songs silent night wrote @


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