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Archive for June 20, 2008

allow me to be. . . ~Scribbled by Rahul

One of the saddest things I see  is oftentimes when people find religion, spirituality, awareness, the light, etc. . . they feel overly obliged to ensure that everyone else sees what they see and get what they get.  They forget from whense they came or they believe that everyone else can skip major steps in awareness and just be aware.  I believe we see the light through Grace; Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me; I once was lost but now I’m found, was blind but now I see.  Oftentimes in life we are graced with another view of life only after experiencing that which forces us to look at things diffrently; so why is it that anyone feels that this crucial step can be skipped.  Life is Life; all of it – including our fears.  I believe we who have been graced with insight owe it to our brothers and sisters to allow them to evolve in there own time; without constantly pushing what we "know" on them.   It is ok to give advice, especially when it is solicited; but when we attempt to make someone see something that is not in their grasp, we only make them blinder.   Insight is found from within – not from outside sources.  None of my awareness was learned from someone else – it was learned from within me; that is why it’s called in-sight.  Although books, preachers, teachers, gurus, and such may clue my brain to somethings – my real leaps in insight came from learing through my own experiences.   I respect this fact; thus I don’t push my beliefs on others.  I appreciate the same respect.    Rahul, who has very different spiritual views than myself is in my opinion one of the most "knowing" individuals I have come across, based on his writings.  He is real with what he feels – he is a gentle spirit.  Heed his words my friends. . .

let my thoughts fly
don’t tie their wings
let me fall down
nothing can happen
let me measure my depths..

allow me to be angry
let my soul burn
let me realize
what apathy can cost..

give my greed a chance
and i will find out
how important effort is..

allow me to be jealous
and let me learn
how to let go..

let me feel the shame
and become responsible
for what i do.. allow me to be sad
let me feel this pain
let me understand
what joy is worth..

don’t stop me from being
what i am now
this will change
let me be honest
i will evolve..

let me fall, i will rise
let me find
how high i need to climb
just be with me
and allow me to be..

 Scribbled by Rahul