Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

The Spirit of Do Do

He should do it, she should do it.   Absolutely, they should defininately Do it.

Do it now.  Do it fast.  Do it right. Do at night.  Do it in morning.   Whatever you do, make sure you Do it! 

Do the damn thing!

Don’t do it.  Perhaps Do it.  Can’t Do it.  Won’t Do it.   Will Defininately Do it. 

What should I do?  What Can I do?  Where can I Do it?  How can I Do it?  How can I not do it?  Why should I Do it?  Am I suspose to Do that!   I’m not gonna Do a Damn thing.  I’m gonna Do it even if it kills me. 

I’ll show them I can Do it.  Who can’t Do that.  Only a fool would actually Do something that stupid.

She’s not suspose to Do that!  She can really, really Do it!  Can he really Do that?  They are obligated to Do it.   I can’t believe that she would Do such a thing!  

When can I Do it?  I can’t possibly Do it.  At least, I can’t Do it now!.  How will I Do it?  Who will help me Do it?  Should I Do it on my own?  Should I ask for assistance to Do it?  What if I can’t Do it?  This will surely Do me in.

Why can’t I Do it?  Why can’t you Do it. 

Guess what we should all Do? 


Get off the toilet and refuse to let the Spirit of Do Do  keep us knee deep in Deep Do Do.  

How?   Conversate and meditate with your Creator, "Creator, What is it that you would have me to Do?  Creator,  Help me Do what is pleasing to you. "  Take some time to receive your Creator’s Response on what you should Do that would be pleasing to your Creator You will see that by listening to your Creator and following your heart, you will have done that which  you were destined to Do


  Sorrow wrote @

Thats a whole lot of Do…

  amberfireinus wrote @

Cordie, with each post that I read from you… I just feel your spirit. Its funny, charming, soul filled and unique. I am grateful to have bumped into you… 🙂

  Hayden Tompkins wrote @


  SanityFound wrote @

This is brilliant!!! *bows* how poetically true and then at the same time I am giggling and smiling, nodding and saying out loud “wow…WOW”

Honestly girlfriend you have serious talent!!!


  rawdawgbuffalo wrote @

im with that
just do mit

chk out what I call being blinded by the Obamafication of America

  johnnypeepers wrote @

You make a good case for banishing the word “do” from my vocabulary. The word is an anathema to in the moment living (which is the only kind). The phrase “I will do” indicates the speaker has no intention to accomplish the task in the presence. Great insight Cordie.

@Peeps. “The phrase “I will do” indicates the speaker has no intention to accomplish the task in the presence. ” So True Peeps. I’m soooo guilty of this at times; I have to work on this one, seriously. That’s why I wrote this – to avoid doing what I needed to do at the time and give myself yet another pep talk! But hey, I promise, I’ll DO it! PLL, CordieB.

  paarsurrey wrote @


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