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Archive for June 17, 2008

Silent Secrets ~By CordieB.

Photo courtesy of WolfSoul and is licensed under a creative commons license.

Silent secrets of the heart
Break your spirit into parts
parts of love and parts of pain
searching for one’s self again . . .

Silent secrets speak no peace
Only vague uncertainties
Leaving traces in disguise
Of dormant truths that will arise

Silent secrets tell no lies
And it comes as no surprise
When the silence breaks the core
Heart and spirit fight no more

Silent secrets have no bearing
on what we call love or caring
for they only weigh the spirit
Weighted hearts hold no merit

Silent secrets can’t tell lies
They are revealed in the eyes
Of the soul who bears evidence
Of the secret’s consequence.

Silent secrets speak so loud
Though they leave a question cloud
As to whether they are really heard
Heart and Soul speak a foreign word

Silent secrets do tell lies
to the self in haunting cries
to release their awful woe
let them loose! freely flow!

Silent secrets released alas!
from the hidden looking glass;
spirit free; heart released a ton
heart and spirit now dance as one!

Written for Simply Snickers Poetry Prompt  and of course my beautiful blog friends and visitors.  If you have a silent secret, feel free to leave it in the comments; or better yet leave it at the annonymous secrets site created by Paisley – while you are there, check out other’s secrets, you might find that you are not alone.  It might just take a burden off of your heart and spirit!  Peace, Light and Love, CordieB. 

Simply Snickers

Giving and Receiving are one in truth ~A Course in Miracles

There is only one mind.  The mind of the Creator.  Each living being is an idea in Divine Mind.  We are not separate, as it seems.  We are linked through the mighty power of breath.  Since we are one, you cannot give anything away; you can only give to yourself!  Whatever you give, whatever you do, you are giving and doing to an expression of the one Mind.  If you give good, you will receive good.  If yu do harm, you willfeel its effects.  If we understand the concept of Divine Mind, we know there is no such thing as stealing from yourself.   Whether the guilt, shame or fear cause the pain, you will take away from yourself that which you believe you are taking from another.  When you give, you receive.  When you receive it is a reflection of what you give.  Since we are all one in Divine Mind, we should make a commitment to always give the best. 

~Today I will Give Lovingly and Freely of Myself.

~Iyanya Vanzant