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Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

Wisdom of the Madman . . . ~By Basurto Carbonell

The Madman said…

“I begin my day as if it was the first and the last day of my life, I talk with Happiness as my friend, not an enemy to conquer

The Wisdom of the Madman will open a beautiful different reality to You. The author and artist is Mr. Oscar Basurto Carbonell.

For additional information, please click the following link to visit his websites.







  gypsy-heart wrote @

I try to live like this quote, so I love the Madman already! I will certainly visit his site!

I loved all of your latest posts CordieB. You are an earth angel my dear!!

Energies of love and peace to you and yours!

@Gypsy Heart – Thanks GHeart. I’m glad you liked these. I’ll be by your haven shortly! Peace, Light and Love, CorieB.

  amberfireinus wrote @

I love that quote! I will have to take note of it… thank you for sharing!

@AmberFireInUs. Thanks AFIU. I’m feeling that you already live your life this way. I pray we will all catch the fire of joy one day! Peace my friend!

  persistentillusion wrote @

“I talk with Happiness as my friend, not an enemy to conquer”

Ooh, we Americans are guilty-as-charged. I love this quote.

@PI. Yeah PI, we all could practice this more – we are so blessed and don’t really realize it! Peace, Light and Love to you and yours, CordieB.

  rawdawgbuffalo wrote @

sounds like me

@RawDawgb. I knew you were special. Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

  Connie wrote @

Love the quote and checked out the website. Thanks so much for sharing!!! Namaste

@Connie. I’m glad you like it! Namaste.

  SanityFound wrote @

Wow what an incredible quote, so true and poetic in the reality of it… I to will hold this one close.

Thank you my friend for sharing this Mwah!

@SF. Mwah my friend. I love your quotes too; especially the poo ones! Mwah!

  Glenn wrote @

So succinct, but to the point.

Frankly, to look at happiness as an enemy to conquer is bizarre. The two words, happiness and enemy, are mutually exclusive.

IMHO, I don’t believe conquerers are very happy people to begin with. The fact they have to conquer — that is, to gain dominion over — tells me there’s mucho misery inside.

@Glenn. Sad but true. The sad and ironic thing is so many people take a life time to realize this. But one day of joy is yet a blessing! Peace, Light and Love to you and yours, CordieB.

  Phew is it another one? « SanityFound’s Rambling’s wrote @

[…] started one of those taggy meme things with his Favourite Quotes which hit a few of us Moi, Sorrow, CordieB and Amberfireinus to name a few (apologies if I have missed you please let me know!!!). If that […]

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