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We all have our own demons to conquer!

There are some people who are so uprightious and heavenly bound that they are truly no earthly good.  Some people spend so much energy talking about other’s so-called defects that you would think they had never made mistakes, never lied, never cheated, alway paid every bill on time, always gave 100 percent at work, always cleaned their houses, never smoked a joint, never had a beer–the list goes on.  But if we look into these peoples closets, we would find that they have experienced many of the same issues that they spend 90 percent of their time talking, complaining, gossiping, and shaking their heads about. 

Now, normally, I can ignore all these rants and hypocracies; but today – I’m just fed up from the head up.  These people seem to get a joy out of others miseries and mistakes in life.  And then, the phase that just eats me up is “I would never . . . . ”  I find those I would never people usually are suffering from selected amnesia or those same demons for which they never would are sure to come into existence one day.

Now, I’m not talking about people who talk every now and then, or comment on news worthy events.  No I’m talking about the vicious gossipers who smile in your face–smile in everyone’s face–only to start the down talking the moment you leave the room or are off the phone.  I’m talking about those folks who never have anything good to say about anyone, but can always point out how someone is headed down the wrong path or going to hell in a hay basket.  What the hell is hell in a hay basket? 

I just feel that if these so called “good people” would extend half of the energy they use talking about other’s misdeeds helping peole overcome their problems, then the world would be a far better place. 

We all have our own demons to conquer.  All of us grow at different rates; and we all learn some things faster than other things.  We don’t all even want the same things others want.  We don’t have the same belief’s as everyone else.  These unique traits make us human.  Here’s some food for thought . . .

Today, in a town near you, there is an upstanding deacon of the church who is a child molester – yet he preaches being upright all the time.

Today, in a town near you, there is a gay basher who loves to look at gay porn and practices homosexuality on the down low.  (I know one personally).

Today, in a town near you, there is a Christian who would never dream of helping a homeless man or woman – unless of course that person came inside of the church.

Today, in a town near you, there is a woman who constantly talks about the youth of today and how “bad and stupid they are.”  This same woman failed to raise her own children because she gave birth to her first one at 14. 

Today, in a town near your, there is a man who constantly accuses his wife of flirting; yet he has encountered numerous affairs.

Today, in a town near you, there is an upstanding citizen, who will be arrested for domestic abuse. 

Today, in a town near you, there is a teenager who is contemplating suicide because of mean, irresponsible gossip.

We should always remember the golden rule; do unto others as we would have them do unto us.  Because when we don’t, those demons that we never could imagine facing, might just come to bite us!  

Peace, Light and Love,





  persistentillusion wrote @

You can’t see it, but I am giving you a STANDING OVATION. Brava, Cordie, brava.

This line was my favorite:

“There are some people who are so uprightious and heavenly bound that they are truly no earthly good.”

until I got to this line:

“Today, in a town near you, there is a gay basher who loves to look at gay porn and practices homosexuality on the down low. (I know one personally).”

You nailed it.

  cordieb wrote @

@Pi – I lived with a gay man once. We used to have the best of times. We could talk about anything. It saddened and angered me that the thugs who teased him and bashed him in public often came creeping to our apartment in the middle of the night. It happens all the time.
Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

  rawdawgbuffalo wrote @

well said and can the chior say amen

  Sue Ann Edwards wrote @

Smiling….whooo, what FIRE!

What we are not claiming, is what we ALWAYS project upon others. Whenever we witness the sort of thing you are speaking of, what we are seeing, are the ways in which the people beat themselves up mentally and emotionally ALL THE TIME. This is the harpy, the ‘them’ they cannot escape. That ‘they’ have to live with all the time.

The law giver in ‘their’ heads has said “BAD THING” and believe me, ‘they’ *know* in ‘their’ own hearts that they do this “BAD THING”, so what we are hearing, are truly their cries from hell.

The hell their own attitudes keep them living in every moment they are awake.

  Sue Ann Edwards wrote @

Same as the rest of us. *smiling*

  Visionary wrote @

Hi Cordie,

I used to get angry about these kind of people too especially since a lot of the people running the world seem to come from this group of people. For some reason they seem to need to impose their nightmares on us too. To validate them and make them feel less alone in hell I suppose.

Today, I feel only empathy for them. What ever we see out there is a reflection of whats going on in our souls. How sad to be like that inside. I’m not being ironic or faceatious, I genuinely do feel sad for the pain that they must feel, trapped inside their own personal hell.

Equally interesting is why ‘helathy’ individuals allow the disturbed to have power over us. Why do we let them push their demons onto us? If we didn’t make their demons real by reacting to their nightmares wouldnt they be forced to revist them in their minds and ask why no one else seemed to see them too?

I realised that by getting angry, I was validating their reality and getting drawn into it myslef. Now if I come across someone in this situation, I try to throw them a life line, if they reach for it, I try to pull them out of their hell, if they don’t I respect their decision to suffer and calmly move on.

An old English proverb says,

Empty vessels make most noise

Why not just let them bang their drum and let them be. When no one stops to listen any more they will get bored and stop banging. Who knows, they might even enjoy the peace and quiet.

Love V

  cordieb wrote @

@V. Thanks for that V. I needed that gentle reminder today! Peace, Light and Love, Cordieb.

  cordieb wrote @

@All. I get so tempormental at times – I’ve always been an advocate for the “Victim” -Some times in as much I become the perpetrator myself. I become that which I speak of – only I talk about the talk-abouters. I’ll have to try some of V’s logic for sure; my old ways certainly do not do anything but cause my own blood pressure to rise, literally. Instead of getting so angry at the hypocritical you-know-whats I’ll simply try to ease the hearts and minds of those they banter. I remember doing that with my children–I’d remind them to be themselves and not let what other’s say influence that.

Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

  Visionary wrote @

Hi Cordie,

Dont be too hard on yourself hunny, we all have our moments when we need someone to be there to gently remind us that we caught the ball and we’re playing someone else game instead of our own.

I will no doubt be in need of a reminder from you shortly 😉

Love V

  Glenn wrote @


This really hits home. It evokes my past experience with Evangelical Christians during my 11-year stay in Georgia. Their sanctimonious ways enraged me, especially for the first few years.

They struggle with anyone or any philosophy that differs from what they believe. I can remember these nuts criticizing my Jewish heritage and New York upbringing. They got incensed when I got into a bi-racial relationship. They tried to get me fired from my job as editor of a suburban Atlanta newspaper, a position — I might add — that I worked hard for over an eight-year period.Why? Because I had the audacity to challenge the meddling of their ministers into politics. Yes, I personally stood outside the Georgia State Senate chamber and watched them threaten senators with a one-way ticket to Hell (which I don’t believe in) if they didn’t vote the preacher’s way on certain legislation.

I was always under the impression that one of the most important tenets of Christianity was non-judgment. Yet, to this day, I have yet to meet a group more judgmental then Fundamentalists.

Jerry Falwell was one of the greatest offenders of hypocrisy ever. He was such a big-time sexist, homophobe and anti-Semite, his death was met with joy by so many people and especially the media.

Louis Farrakhan, the Black Falwell, is a disgrace to every person in this world who calls themselves a Muslim. His blatant racism and antisemitism has been an embarrassment to every Black friend I have had over the past few decades.

  SanityFound wrote @

Oh how I detest hypocrites, all the things you listed I managed to find in a small radius of 2km out in a small rural town. I think the beauty in it for us is that we can look from the outside, look at their actions vs words and then feel pity for them that they are unable to be true to themselves. It must be so hard running from yourself all the time.

Am blessed to know so many true people these days, you are one of them! Mwah!

  cordieb wrote @

@Sue Ann. You’ve heard this rant before – on your own blog. thanks for “listening” again and responding once more. Each response brings on a new aha’ness; although sometimes not right away. I often revisit your words as a pep to my spirit. Yesterday was no exception. How we judge ourselves internally is often manefested externally for sure – as you so often remind me, “Every time a Child of God expresses a Judgment, the Universe hears a Child of God expressing they are lacking . . .” Express lack – get lack. back! Peace, Light and Love . . . C

@RawDawg. Roof Roof in canine language! Peace, Light and Love, C.

@Glen. Those two radicals speek of so much hatred and divisiveness. The people who find these individuals charming are those who are insecure in their own identities to a point where believing others to be inferior is the only thing that makes them feel adequate. The God I know and love embraces all, not few; because he created all, not few. I could not choose one of my children over the other for eternity no matter what – because I know too much about their overall personalities, experiences and intents, but mainly because I love them too much; and what I know about them is only a fraction compared to what the Creator knows of us. Besides, he loves all of his creation too.

Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

@Sanity Found – I too am blessed. You have empathy even for your enemies – that shows character, courage and above else Godly love. Courage under fire with unconditional love is FEARCE – that’s you dear Sanity Found. Mwah!

  CuriousC wrote @

I appreciate this post and especially the comments! Wise words expressed, heartfeltness all around. Peace Light and All-Surrounding LOVE to you all, “C” Thank you.

  Sue Ann Edwards wrote @

“Rant” away Cordie! I ‘see’ it as energy of Consciousness FREELY flowing. “Fire” is NOT ‘bad’. It is transforming. There’s not a one of us that really likes the pattern you’ve brought up. Not a one of us.

But isn’t it GREAT we now feel free to SAY it!

  cordieb wrote @

@Curious C. Thanks – I’m glad you enjoyed the engagement of conversation. Glad you’re back in town again! Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

  amberfireinus wrote @

Cordie, this is such an amazing post. I wish I could give you a hug for writing it. I love the way you say you are “fed up from the head up” I feel that way so much of the time, but never knew how to express it.

I love the way you wrote this piece… You Go girl!!!

  cordieb wrote @

@Amberfireinus. Thanks Amber. I’ve had this feeling for a few days now – I suppose I’m just tired as we all get some times. If we don’t find a way to release our turmoil, it will eat us from the inside out. So I’ve had my little rant and “heard” some excellent comments and points of view – good advice and above all a great support system of truths from those like yourself. Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

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