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Archive for May 28, 2008

You Alone Mighty God – by Carolyn Clark-Swann


Carolyn Clark-Swann is a dear friend and blessed woman.  She is a talented writer, songstress, and wedding planner.  Carolyn was recently promoted to a challenging position in the Equal Employment Opportunity Office for a major Government Agency.  Congrat’s CC.  You well deserve it!  Below is a sample of CC’s many talents!

Twinkle, twinkle little star…Lord God Almighty, how awesome You just are.

Up above the world so high…Your stars just dazzle and light up the sky.


Oh how excellent is Your name oh Lord in all the earth.

For there is none other…more than Your worth.


Thank you Lord for the sun that shines. Thank you Lord for healthy minds.

Thank you for the moon that gleams. Thank you for so many things.


For give us Lord, of our unkindness when we would otherwise go amiss.

Help us Lord to continue to strive to do our best,

 fully knowing that You alone can handle the rest.


Encourage us to hunger, thirst and seek your word,

and to just stop depending on what we’ve only heard.


Let us live and demonstrate like we truly appreciate.

And when man wants to facilitate, let’s not hate nor discriminate but recognize

 at any rate, that Lord, You alone are a Mighty God and always in complete control.

 Written by:  Carolyn A. Clark-Swann